24 before 24

24 before 24

It’s no secret that I love lists and goals and other geeky things, so this week when I was mulling over my 101 in 1001 list and how I haven’t been keeping on top of it I decided to switch it up and try something different.  It’s about 10 months until I turn 24, so instead I’ve brainstormed a list of 24 things I want to do before then.  That gives me a shorter time frame which should hopefully help keep me focused 😉


Plus, in those ten months I’ll be starting my MSc, which will mean lots of work and about 2-3 hours a day commuting.  As well as that, although I’ll be living with Matt and his mum, Matt and I will be spending as little as possible (my tuition fees are £9000!) so I’m hoping the list will lead to some fun things to do in what promises to be a pretty tight time.


Blogging & Reading

Switch to self-hosted
Okay, this is not one of the budget-friendly tasks on the list, but I’ve been thinking about it for ages and I’d like to finally bite the bullet and do it!

Improve NetGalley ratio to 80%
This is an ambitious one – I’d need to review one NetGalley book almost every week between now and my birthday. That might not sound too bad, but although I’m managing an average of one review a week now, I’m much less certain I’ll be able to keep it up once I’m back at uni.  And my reviews aren’t always NetGalley reads!


Read 10 books I own
It’s no secret I’m hopeless at keeping on top of the TBR list, so I’m hoping to try and get at least one book from my shelves read each month between now and my birthday.  I don’t care when I got the books or whether they were purchased or gifted, if I own them at the time I read them they count!


Listen to 3 audiobooks
I’ve still only listened to one audiobook so far (Thirteen Reasons Why) but I’m hoping to give them another go as part of my commuting next year, as I’ll be losing two hours of each day to driving and it’d be nice to use that time!


Fun & Travel

Spend two nights away
Budget just isn’t going to allow Matt and I a holiday this year, but I’m hoping we can have a couple of cheap nights away throughout the year, even if they’re in a Travelodge an hour up the road!


Go camping or go on a road trip
Either would do 😉


Try 3 new restaurants
I’m very much a creature of habit so I’d like to take a tiny step out of my comfort zone and try a few new places.


Make three fandom themed recipes/cocktails
Because hey, why not?!

Buy another coloured (fake) leather jacket
I have a bit of a leather jacket obsession – I’ve got a black one, a red one, a navy one, a brown one and a cream one.   They’re about the only item of clothing I spend a reasonable amount of money on and I’d like to invest in another one soon (partially because some of my current ones don’t fit brilliantly and partially because there are a few colours I don’t own yet!) I’m thinking probably green or purple.


Try at least three new TV shows
We’ve got Netflix but I’m terrible at using it!  I’d like to give some new TV shows a go this year because sometimes I need to switch off and can’t face reading or looking at my laptop any more after a day in front of a computer screen.  I’ve so far loved The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time, A Game of Thrones and Buffy, but I’m very squeamish…any recommendations?!


Have a movie day
Pyjamas + quilts + junk food/hot chocolate = a great chill out day!


Learning & challenging myself

Complete Duolingo Spanish
I did Spanish at GCSE but I was pretty terrible.  Now I’m regretting that I can’t speak a second language so Matt and I have challenged ourselves to try out Duolingo.  It definitely won’t lead to fluency, but it might lead to some basic knowledge, and we’ll maybe look at doing lessons later on (but neither of us wants to invest in lessons just to lose interest!)


Figure out post-MSc options!
My birthday is in June and I won’t finish my MSc until September so I definitely won’t have any plans lined up, but I’d like to at least start looking at some options.


Read a book in Spanish
This may have to be The Very Hungry Caterpillar or something but I’d like to try at least.


Get rid of 100 things
There is absolutely no denying that I have way too much stuff…my wardrobes barely close, and the sad fact is I barely wear anything in them.  I’ll be moving in with Matt i September and although I can leave stuff at my parent’s house, I think it’s also time to face up to the fact I need to get rid of some stuff!


Complete a 100 days of happiness challenge
I’ve touched a little before on how anxious I can be, and I’m hoping that taking part in the 100 days of happiness challenge will help me to focus on the positives rather than worrying about everything else.


Start a savings account
I did actually have two savings accounts….and then came university! My savings account will likely be empty (or near enough empty) as I won’t be working next year, but I’d like to at least have it there to put in whatever I can.


Start a bucket list/101 in 1001 list
No explanation required for this one really!



Complete the C25K
Hahaha I can’t even tell you how ambitious this sounds – I can honestly jog for about a minute, and the last time I tried the C25K plan I made it to week 4 (my furthest point!) which meant jogging for 5 minutes and it nearly killed me!  I’d really love to have got much more in shape before my next birthday though, and the C25K programme is free and designed for unfit people like me.


Lose 24lbs
This is for both self-confidence and health reasons – I’d like to feel better in my clothes, have a lower BMI and feel generally healthier.  I actually need to lose slightly more than 24lbs but I couldn’t resist the symmetry of setting 24 as my goal 😉
The sharp eyed among you may notice there’s only actually 20 goals here, mostly because Matt’s still away but I want to discuss my last few ideas with him before I add them (both to discuss feasibility and also because he may well have better ideas that I’ll want to add on!)

2 thoughts on “24 before 24

  1. I went camping this year (for the first time) and it was a fun and cheap experience. I definitely recommend it. For TV shows: what about the Sherlock series? It’s very good. I really like this idea. I might ‘steal’ it from you and make a little list of all achievable things I want do to before I turn 24 (about 8 months) And movie days are the best 😀

    1. Ooh, Sherlock is one Ive actually seen and just forgot to mention! Maybe I should add it in.

      Feel free to steal, it’s a pretty common idea 🙂 It’s more popular with 30 before 30 lists I think but I like a shorter time period to focus on, else I’ll just think ‘oh I have loads of time to do that later’. And hey, they don’t ALL have to be super achievable – I have a few on here that I’m hopeful for but that are a bit ambitious because I figured I might as well stretch myself a little, and even if I don’t knock them all off, I’ll definitely do more than if I don’t write a list 😉

      I’ve been camping but mostly as part of Duke of Edinburgh at school (not good experiences!). I’m hoping maybe if I go with my other half or friends now it’ll be a different kind of experience!

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