Harry Potter MotW: Least favourite book

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The theme of this week’s Harry Potter Moment of the Week is least favourite book.

This is a tough one because it feels a bit like if you asked me which of my pets was my least favourite: it feels evil to pick one! (Having said that, I’m going to anyways)  I know which book is my favourite but least favourite is tougher.  After a little bit of thought though I think my least favourite book of the Harry Potter series (not including the companion novels because that feels like cheating) is…

For one thing, Order of the Phoenix has Umbridge.  For another, Harry is so angry (justifiably a lot of the time, but still frustrating).  There’s also the whole Cho/Harry romance but to be honest I never really warmed up to Cho so this wasn’t exactly gripping for me.  We also have Sirius’ death which is obviously not cool!

Having said that, I still love it of course 😉 Order of the Phoenix has Dumbledore’s Army, some fantastic Luna moments and Dobby (<3).  I also think some of the funniest moments from the series are tucked into this book – Fred and George’s leaving and the post-kiss conversation between Ron, Hermione and Harry.  I just think if I had to choose my least favourite of the series, this would probably be it.

Which is your least favourite of the books?

3 thoughts on “Harry Potter MotW: Least favourite book

  1. A lot of people were bothered by Harry being all angsty in this one LOL – I don’t know why, but for some reason I adore him like that! You’re right though, Umbridge is a HUGE downer and her parts make me really hate this one, just cause of my blinding hate for her! And of course, that ending kills me every time *sobs* But yeah, the Order, the DA, Luna and Dobby balance things out nicely 🙂
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