Harry Potter MotW: Best Dumbledore moment

[This is a response to Leah’s Harry Potter moment of the week. If you’d like to join in, head on over to Uncorked Thoughts for the full schedule of upcoming themes!]

The theme of this week’s Harry Potter Moment of the Week is Best ‘Dumbledore Moment’.

Ah, this week is tough – Dumbledore has so many great moments!  I debated about this one for a while, but there’s one Dumbledore moment that stands out the most as being so awesome, so epic, and just to kick ass…

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Dumbledore was on his feet again, pale as any of the surrounding Inferi, but taller than any, too, the fire dancing in his eyes; his wand was raised like a torch and from its tip emanated the flames, like a vast lasso, encircling them all with warmth.

Dumbledore definitely has plenty of other great moments to choose from, from employing Dobby to his wise comments, but this is the iconic image of Dumbledore as the powerful wizard, the only one Voldemort ever feared.

I’m cheating a tiny bit this week – as well as picking a favourite Dumbledore moment, I’ve also picked a few favourite Dumbledore quotes too 😉 You should be able to download the bookmarks here.

combined dumbledore bookmarks

Which is your favourite Dumbledore moment?

6 thoughts on “Harry Potter MotW: Best Dumbledore moment


    Also, LOVE YOUR BOOKMARKS! They’re such a great idea. I was torn between this choice and the one I chose too. He has so many amazing moments. It was so hard to pick just one – it was almost a list. He’s so fearless in this part. I know he knew he was doomed anyway but still! He put his all into keeping Harry safe for the last time 🙂 *tears*
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    1. Thanks Leah! I’m loving it too though it feels a bit strange too – I still find myself typing studentspyglass before I correct myself!

      It’s so emotional when he’s drinking the potion and this moment is such a contrast to that I think, which is maybe partially why it stands out so much. This is like the iconic moment when I’m thinking of Dumbledore as kick-ass wizard rather than the wise old wizard 😉

  2. You’re so right: Dumbledore has a ton of amazing moments, so it was hard to pick just one! LOVE the moment you went with though, that was so freaking EPIC in the books and even though I have my issues with the 2nd movie Dumbledore, I think they did the scene justice 🙂 And thanks so much for the awesome bookmarks!! I can’t wait to get home and download then, the quotes you chose are some of my favorites ♥
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    1. No worries, it gave me an excuse to play around with awesome quotes which is always a good thing! 😉

      Dumbledore is amazing and I love so many of his quotes. Honestly if I was going to have a tattoo with a quote it’d probably be one of these! (But realistically I’m too indecisive and too much of a wimp for a tattoo so I’ll settle for bookmarks instead).

      But yes, epic is DEFINITELY the word for this moment!

  3. I agree that’s probably the best Dumbledore moment. It’s awesome that even though he’s the typical old, wise mentor in many ways he is far from frail-he’s very strong and powerful even when he’s been cursed and suffered through so much. I also really like his scene with Harry at the end of the Deathly Hallows and also the one after Sirius’ death when he lets Harry take his rage out on his office while he sits there quietly. What a legend! Thanks for commenting on my Bloggiesta post the other day. I’m a new Bloglovin’ follower.

    ~Tizzy @ Creative Therapy

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