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October 2014 goals

Monthly goals are something I’ve toyed around with before, but I’m thinking of giving them a go from now until the end of 2014, and seeing how I get on.  I’ll be starting my MSc on Monday which is going to mean big changes to my routine and life in general, so I’m hoping that having some (reasonable!) monthly goals to focus on will give me a) something fun to concentrate on when my brain needs a bit of a break and b) motivation so that I don’t hit the end of the month only to realise I’ve read 0 books and posted once….

That’s the idea anyways.


I’ll be commuting to my course every day, which I suspect will probably take around 2 hours a day (return).  I’m planning to give audiobooks a chance as part of that commute, mostly in an attempt to stop myself going crazy in traffic, and also to make those hours at least a little productive!  I’ve had very little experience with audiobooks so far (I’ve listened to Thirteen Reasons Why and that’s it!), so I don’t know whether I’ll get along with them, or whether they’ll work for me while driving….but there’s only one way to find out right?  I’ve picked the following three audiobooks to experiment with.  I’ve heard great things about the first and the third – and about the narration of both – and the second one is available through my library and would be perfect for Sci-Fi month so I couldn’t resist!

In terms of non-audiobook reading, I’ll probably end up just being guided by whatever I fancy, but these are three I’d really like to get to.  Silverblind is a review copy that I’m really excited about, and both of the other two would count towards my TBR pile reading challenge (which I’m behind on!), and are also creepy, Halloween appropriate reads.

Goals for Blogging & Life

  • To post on StudentSpyglass at least 15 times
  • Write at least 4 reviews
  • Schedule at least three posts for Sci-Fi month
  • Start including filofax/planner images in my weekly recaps again
  • Sign up to Weight watchers and lose at least 5lbs

I have no idea how much uni is going to mess with my routine and blogging, but I suspect it won’t be good, which is why I’m aiming for 15 posts this month.  I managed to balance uni, blogging and a social life reasonably well at undergrad, but I’m expecting a big jump in terms of work load this year.  PLUS I was living at uni during my undergraduate course, so I could pretty much roll out of bed five minutes before a lecture, whereas now I’ll be losing 2-3 hours a day for driving there and back.  The logic behind including my filofax/planner posts in my recaps again is pretty simple: knowing I’ll have to post it makes me more inclined to use it, and more planner use = more efficient time management!

In term of weight loss, this is a pretty simple one too: I’m just tired of eating crap and feeling crap as a result (and the fact that half my jeans don’t fit doesn’t help either!). I’ve known I need to do something about it for a long while, but I’m hoping that now I’m going to be living with Matt, who is on board with helping, I’ll be more inclined to stick to it.

What would you like to achieve in October?

6 thoughts on “October 2014 goals

  1. Great goals! I’m hoping audiobooks work for you, it’ll be a great way to get through some books and make your commute much more fun at the same time. Good luck 😀

    My goals for October are mainly getting my Nyx at Night event sorted out, keeping on track with my coursework, and go check out some master degrees for next year
    Celine recently posted…September in ReviewMy Profile

    1. Thank you, that’s exactly what I’m hoping. That they might make the commute feel less like a stressful waste of time and more like ‘me time’ to wake up/wind down a bit each day!

      Oooh, good luck on looking at the Masters degrees (I have to confess, I was a bit of a last minute browser!) and with Nyx at Night. I’ve picked up a few creepy books from the library to take part with some Halloween-y reviews but I have to confess I haven’t managed to start any of them yet :/ Things are beginning to get a little manic with moving into Matt’s and prepping for uni etc, but they’re definitely on my to do list!

    1. Yeah I’ve heard great things about it, I’m just a little worried that everyone seems to say there’s lots of 80s references so I’m worried some of the humour might miss me. But the premise sounds great and the audiobook has great reviews too so I think it might be a good one to test the audiobook waters with!

  2. Aww, wonderful goals! I hope audiobooks work out and hey, if they calm the road rage I’m all for that! I really should consider that myself, even though my commute to work is only about a half an hour each way. Good luck with all your goals!! Hopefully October is good to you 🙂

    As for me, I’m hoping October finally brings some calm to my real life. I need some downtime and reading time something bad. o.O That and Halloween preparations…though my current Supernatural series re-watch fits in nicely into that haha
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday *93*My Profile

    1. Hopefully things calm down for you Micheline! Your supernatural seems to tick a lot of boxes though, Halloween prep and some downtime too! I’ve still not seen any of Supernatural but I’ve heard great things about it, wondering if maybe I should give it a go!

      Haha lack of road rage would definitely be a good thing! I don’t think I’m a particularly angry driver but I get stressed/anxious sometimes when the roads are really bad so hopefully the audiobooks will help me chill out a little 😉

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