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Looking ahead: January 2015

What’s on in January?

I’ve got an exam on the 9th so I’m probably not going to get much done before then, but after that I’ll be back into the usual Monday-Friday routine. I’m hoping to get a better balance this year so my current plan is to try and get a little bit of reading and blog scheduling done between now and the exam, and then basically devote the weekend after my exam to lots of reading, blogging and of course spending time with Matt who is being a bit ignored in light of revision right now!

The TBR list

The Name of the Wind | From my shelves
Lucy, Ren, Cassi, Crini, Luce, Jaz, Mel, Natalie, Amber & I are all hoping to read this in the next few weeks

Station Eleven
| From my shelves
I’ve had this on my shelves for a while now and I think it’s just what I’m in the mood for, plus it counts towards a few different challenges.

The Mistress
| Recent purchase
I finished the last book over Christmas and it ended on a giant cliffhanger so I know I’ll want to get to this soon!

Fahrenheit 451 |
This is one of the audiobooks available through my library and I think it’ll count as my classic for the 105 challenge!

The Happiness Project |
I’m a little skeptical about this one, but January seems like the perfect time to give it a chance!

Red Queen |
Review copy
I’ve been good about not requesting too many 2015 review copies, so this is the one I need to read next. I started it this morning and am really enjoying it so far.

Cress | Library
I only requested this at the library tonight, so it may not get finished in January depending on when it arrives but I’ve added it to the list just in case. Aim high and all that!



January’s Theme: Reading challenges, scheduling & resolutions

  • Get into planning mode: my filofax is out and being set up at the moment!
  • Think long term: Having loads of goodreads shelves doesn’t appeal to me, but I’m working on a spreadsheet for tracking everything at the moment. This WILL be done by the end of January!
  • Planning 2015 challenges: I’ve already picked my 2015 challenges, so I’m focusing on making a list of books that fit for each (or ideally multiple) challenges
  • 2015 resolutions: I picked my Top Ten 2015 Reading/Blogging resolutions for a TTT recently, but that’s a few too many for me! I’d like to narrow these down to more like 3-5 for blogging, reading & personal resolutions.
  • Make plans to read and write: Until my exam is over there can’t really be too much planning, it’s just squeezing in time where I can. I’ve drawn up an ‘ideal’ week to give a try for my first week back at uni though, which allows time for reading, blogging, exercising, doing uni work etc. I’ll just have to experiment with the exact amounts of time for each!


Personal goals

  • Take part in the 6 week Nerd Fitness challenge (this is my first time so who knows how well it’ll go!)
  • All the ‘New year’ events should be done this week so from the 4th it’s back to WW and healthy eating!

What do you have planned for January?

2 thoughts on “Looking ahead: January 2015

  1. I hope your exam goes well for the 9th, if I don’t chat with you before then!!

    I NEED to read some Patrick Rothfuss in 2015, seriously. I hope you love Cress as much as I did when you get to it and hopefully I can get to Red Queen soon myself so we can compare notes 😀 I wish you nothing but the best for 2015 Faith! I hope you accomplish all your goals, do well in school and have plenty of time for books and bookish fun! xx
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Stacking the Shelves *43*My Profile

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