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January Wrap-Up

January has absolutely flown by. I spent the first week revising for my exam, then when that was over, it was straight back into the routine of lectures and assignments.  I think I’ve managed to sort something out for my research project, so that’s one thing off my to-do list, though nothing is finalised yet.  Aside from uni, I’ve done a bit of reading, seen some great films, listened to my first podcast, started the Couch to 5K (I’m currently on week 2) and caught up with friends.  All in all, not a bad month!


Books read: 4
Pages read: 1284
Average pages per day: 41
Favourite: I wasn’t enamored with 1 year, 100 pounds, but I really enjoyed all three of the other books I read.

Films, TV & Podcasts

[This is a new section in my monthly wrap-up, because I’ve been watching a lot more films and TV recently, and it’s fun to share a bit of my non-blogging life with you! We tend to go to the cinema roughly once a week on cheap night with friends, and movies/TV at home are a nice, cheap way for Matt and I to get some time to just relax together in the evenings, so I thought it’d be fun to share what we’ve been watching]

I’ve had a great month for films and TV this month, especially as someone who admits to being bad at watching TV!  During January I saw two films at the cinema, The Theory of Everything and The Imitation Game, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed (though The Theory of Everything left me feeling more inspired and The Imitation Game more angry at the world!).

At home, Matt and I watched Jurassic Park 1, 2 and 3 as evening rewards during my exam revision.  I have to admit, it’s the first time I’d actually seen any of them all the way through, and I really enjoyed it.  I’m also a big wimp though, and Matt laughed at me a lot (and I genuinely have had nightmares about dinosaurs since!).  We also watched The Grand Budapest Hotel with my family which I enjoyed but wasn’t wowed by, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with friends, which I was mostly just confused by, and X-Men: Days of Future Past which we’d already seen but rewatched on a lazy movie day.

In terms of TV, I think I watched a grand total of one episode of Gossip Girl (I’m currently on Season 5).  We’ve been continuing with Orange is the New Black, and we’re now around half way through Season 2. I don’t think either of us is especially loving it, but it’s okay.

I also listened to my first podcast this month: Serial, which I have to admit I really liked, and which definitely made my commute more interesting.  I was avoiding podcasts purely on the basis that they don’t count towards my reading challenge, which is a bit silly, but I really enjoyed Serial, so I’m thinking I might give them a chance.  Any recommendations?!


Reading Challenge Progress

  • Fairyale challenge: 0/4
  • BBRC: 0/10
  • Flights of Fantasy challenge: 0/12
  • Debut challenge: 1/9
  • TBR challenge: 0/6
  • 105 Reading challenge: 5/105

Book Haul

Books gained: 5
Books bought: 1
Total spend on books: £1.79
Books for review: 1
Freebies/Gifts/Borrowed: 3


Number of Posts: 16
Reviews: 1 [Golden Son]
NetGalley % change: – 1% (60%)

How was your January?

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