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Looking ahead: February 2015

What’s on in February?

In February I’ll mostly be working towards a huge assignment due in in March.  I’ve scaled back my blogging for the month to try and destress a little, so other than uni work I’m mostly just hoping to do some reading and get some posts scheduled for next month.

Last month’s TBR list

The Name of the Wind | In progress
Station Eleven |
Not started
The Mistress | Completed
Fahrenheit 451 | Not started
The Happiness Project |
Red Queen | Completed
Cress | In progress

Somewhat mixed results for January’s TBR list! I completed three of my books [The Mistress, The Happiness Project & Red Queen] and started another 2 [The Name of the Wind & Cress] but I wasn’t particularly feeling the others, so they didn’t get started.


February’s TBR list

The Name of the Wind | From my shelves
Cress | From the library
Dorothy Must Die | Audiobook (Scribd trial)

I’ve started all three of these already, so I’m pretty sure I’ll get all of them read in February.

Shadow Study | Review Copy
Steelheart | Audiobook (purchased)
Not a drop to drink | Audiobook (Scribd trial)

Shadow Study is the only other book I’d really like to get read in February, as it comes out in March (and I’ve been dying to read it because I love this series!).  I’ll have a lot of commuting time left in the month after I finish Dorothy Must Die though, so I’m hoping to get started on the audiobook versions of Steelheart & Not a Drop to Drink.


Personal goals

  • Reach at least week 4 of couch to 5K (I’m expecting to have to repeat weeks)
  • Lose 4lbs – this would take me into the next half a stone bracket
  • Stay sane despite uni work!

What do you have planned for February?

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