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The Weekly Recap (#45)

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Leaving Time [Purchased, Kindle]

Total spend: £1.99


My Week

This week I’ve made a little progress towards the mammoth March assignment I mentioned, saw Big Hero 6 (twice), finished The Name of the Wind, Dorothy Must Die and Cress, and completed week 3 of Couch to 5K.  So not a bad week all in all 😀 Next week is pretty much going to be focused on uni work, as we’re away for two weeks after that so I won’t get much done then.




Finished: The Name of the Wind (From my shelves), Dorothy Must Die (audiobook), Cress (from the library)

Started: Steelheart (audiobook)

2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
Faith has
read 7 book toward her goal of 65 books.
  • Fairyale challenge: 2/4
  • BBRC: 2/10
  • Flights of Fantasy challenge: 1/12
  • Debut challenge: 1/9
  • TBR challenge: 1/6
  • 105 Reading challenge: 12/105


How was your week?

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