Monthly recap

February Wrap-up

In February, I decided to take a bit of a break from blogging, just posting once or twice a week, in light of the fact I was feeling so completely swamped with uni work, drained from commuting and just generally a bit overwhelmed! Wow, am I glad I made that decision! The month did not get easier – in fact, it just got busier! We had two weeks of lectures based somewhere different, which meant longer days & even less time in the evenings, I’m still at a standstill on that horrendous assignment I’ve been working on forever and I managed to crash my car (don’t even ask. Everyone’s fine except my car, so it’s a logistical nightmare!).  All in all, not one of my best months!

So the blogging break was absolutely necessary, as you can probably guess but I’m hoping to be back to regular posting in March.  As well as giving me a chance to de-stress a little, the break also helped with my reading – although I read the same number of books as January, I read about half as many pages extra per day, and I’ve got two books started that will contribute towards next months totals (Firefight & Shadow Study)


Books read: 4 (Exactly the same as January)
Pages read: 2050 (766 more than January)
Average pages per day: 73 (32 more than January)
Favourite: Steelheart

Films, TV & Podcasts

Not a spectacular month for media just because we’ve been so busy but I did manage to get to the cinema a few times.  First, I saw Big Hero 6 with friends, which I adored.  I then saw it again with my family, and I still loved it, but we ended up seeing it in 3D which I thought added nothing to the film, so that was a bit frustrating.

I also managed to see Jupiter Ascending with friends, which I’d been really excited for until I saw terrible reviews. So I went in skeptical and was pleasantly surprised – it’s definitely got some flaws, but I thought it was generally enjoyable.  We saw that in 3D as well, but because it’s visually so impressive, that worked pretty well, although there is a scene with lots of bees that made my skin crawl (and made my friends laugh at me).

At home we watched Oz the Great and Powerful which I thought was pretty awful to be honest! I didn’t get on with Dorothy Must Die either, maybe I should just avoid things inspired by Oz?

TV wise we finished Orange is the New Black, which was okay, but neither of us really gets the hype surrounding it.  Last but not least, Matt and I have started a Game of Thrones season 3 rewatch, building up to the series 5 release, since he recently got all of them on Blu-ray.  Given that we’re SO far away from Winds of Winter, I try to dampen my Game of Thrones enthusiasm but re-watching is just reminding me how much I adore it!


Reading Challenge Progress

  • Fairyale challenge: 2/4
  • BBRC: 2/10
  • Flights of Fantasy challenge: 1/12
  • Debut challenge: 1/9
  • TBR challenge: 1/6
  • 105 Reading challenge: 14/105

Book Haul

Books gained: 4 (1 less than January)
Books bought: 3
Total spend on books: £4.98 + 1 audible credit (£3.19 more than January)
Books for review: 0 (1 less than January)
Freebies/Gifts/Borrowed: 1 (2 less than January)


Number of Posts: 7 (9 less than January)
Reviews: 1 [Red Queen] (the same as January)
NetGalley % change: +1% (61%)

How was your February?

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