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Fandom Mashups #1

Fandom Mashups is a great new feature hosted by Micheline.  Every week, a unique fictional scenario is proposed, and everyone then builds their personal dream team of five fictional characters from five different fandoms to complete the task!  Anyone is welcome to join in, just make sure to link back to Lunar Rainbows.

This week: You’re stranded on a deserted island. Who do you want there with you?

This is a tough one because I would be useless on a deserted island: I basically burn just thinking about sunshine, and I’d miss plumbing 😉 Assuming I got to take my other half to keep me sane, these are the five people I’d want to be there with me.


1. Celaena Sardothien

I debated for a while whether I wanted Celaena, Katniss or Buffy as my main survival person.  I eventually decided on Celaena because she’s not only kick-ass but she shares my love for animals and books, so we’d have plenty to talk about when she wasn’t hunting for food/protecting us from who knows what on the island!

2. Hermione Granger

There had to be a character with magic of course, and as much as Fred and George would be fun, Hermione ticks all the boxes: she can do magic, we already know she’s willing to pitch in and help with the cooking and again, a love of books.

3. Baymax

Okay, let’s just ignore the tiny problem that Baymax would need to recharge.  He’s cuddly, he could fix our inevitable wounds/allergic reactions to bugs/emotional instabilities etc.

4. Toothless

I wouldn’t know how to function without an animal of some kind, and Toothless seems like the perfect choice.  He could cuddle up and light fires to keep us warm at night, fly me away when I want some space, and hopefully fly us all back to civilization because let’s be honest, no one wants to be on this island forever!

5. Elsa

I debated a long time about who to pick us my fifth person.  I thought about Finnick, for fishing, but do we really want to add a very flirtatious guy to such an estrogen dominated island? Seems like asking for trouble!  Between the four characters I’ve already chosen, I think we could tick off food, shelter, medical care, and hopefully escape, but there’s one potential issue: water.  Sure, Hermione might be able to just use Aguamenti, but having more than one source seems like a good idea, so I finally settled on Elsa.  There are certainly more sensible choices, but Elsa could provide water, freeze any extra food so that Celaena didn’t have to hunt all the time, cool us down with snow, and generally entertain us, so she’s not a bad fifth choice I think!

1 thought on “Fandom Mashups #1

  1. I seriously debated with putting Celaena in my post too, but I decided to exercise SOME control…otherwise she would end up in literally every scenario/post LOL All that to say that I wholeheartedly support you picking her for your team ♥ I can totally see Hermione being a popular pick week to week as well, she’s such a versatile talent, I’d ALWAYS want her with me! I can’t believe I didn’t think to add an animal companion to the mix though, like you, I’d NEED an animal friend too 🙂 Oh and Elsa is a brilliant choice too, just for the freezing food bit alone! Thanks for joining up! xx
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