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[Discussion]: Does format affect what you read?

Since I started blogging, I’ve gone from being a print-only reader, to someone who reads pretty equal amounts of print and ebooks, and about 10% audiobooks.  Recently I’ve started thinking about format affects what I’m reading, and for me, there are definitely genres I’m more or less likely to read in particular formats.  So, here’s how format seems to affect things for me…


I’ve only really been experimenting with audiobooks since about October last year, so I haven’t quite figured out particular genres that work for me.  My biggest audiobook revelation though, has been that fantasy, my favourite genre normally, doesn’t seem to work for me on audio! I hate not being able to look at the maps, and to visualise how names or places are spelt, so I’ve not yet listened to one audiobook fantasy successfully.  I also think romance would just make me feel awkward!

I think audiobooks would be perfect for re-reading though, and I’m definitely thinking of giving it a go with both Game of Thrones and Harry Potter.  I think Harry Potter could work well because people rave about Stephen Fry’s narration and because it wouldn’t take too much concentration, but would keep me interested – perfect for a long drive on my own!  I’ve been thinking of giving A Game of Thrones a go to motivate me to exercise – although I’ve read the books, it’s been a long time since I read the first one, so I should be able to keep up without feeling bored.  Of course, having said that, the audiobooks are really long, so I might just get frustrated!

Recent audiobooks: Not a drop to drink, Steelheart, Firefight


My poor kindle recently died and has just been replaced by a Paperwhite, which is exciting (reading this makes me realise just how much a non-bookworm would disagree…). I was convinced I’d never be a real e-book convert, but I have to admit, they make life so much easier for blogging.  NetGalley, Edelweiss, the ability to download a sequel at 2am because I just can’t wait…

On my kindle, I’m most likely to be reading either a review copy (which is very probably YA) or an adult romance, because I can read those without judgement 😉 Occasionally I’ll read something I’ve been thinking of buying in print, but that came up on a kindle deal, such as Jodi Picoult’s Leaving Time recently. I’m least likely to be reading a huge adult fantasy, because the progress bar makes me depressed, and I just find completing a long book without having held the weight so much less satisfying!

Recent ebooks: Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke, Leaving Time, Shadow Study


Paperbacks, more often than not, are something off my own shelves, which means they could be anything really!  I don’t really have a genre I wouldn’t read in paperback, but fantasy chunksters are definitely most likely to be found in this format.

Recent paperbacks: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, The Cuckoo’s Calling, The Name of the Wind

Hardbacks are a bit like pine martens: I know they exist, but they’re very rarely seen.  I much prefer paperbacks to hardbacks, so it’s rare for me to end up reading a hardback.  No particular genre differences here, but it’s likely to be either a review copy or something I found on a deal in a second-hand shop that was too tempting to resist, despite the format.

Recent hardbacks: Day Four, a review copy, but I had to go all the way back to December last year to find the hardback before that, Silverblind, which was also a review copy.

Do you read (or avoid) particular genres in particular formats or is it just me?!

3 thoughts on “[Discussion]: Does format affect what you read?

  1. Interesting post Faith^^ I don’t think that the format changes how I enjoy a certain genre, but now you’ve made me want to think on it some more. I do notice that e-books will sit longer on my tbr shelf, just because I tend to either forget about them or sometimes I simply prefer to have a physical book in my hands. I also find that longer books seem longer when I’m reading them on my e-reader and that can be discouraging sometimes. I seriously need to get into audiobooks more, especially in the car, it would make the commute so much more pleasant 🙂
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  2. The introduction of ebooks as a format changed my reading habits entirely, though I was late to the boat. I thought I only wanted “real” books for the longest time. The first Kindle I had was a Kindle Fire, mostly for the apps, and I didn’t like reading on it because of the shiny screen. But I got a Paperwhite for Christmas the year before last and, since then, I’m a convert. I only read ebooks, if I can help it. When I have to read a real book, I complain that I can’t read it at night in my bed when the lights are off. Haha! I feel like I read faster on the Kindle, it hurts my eyes less than a real book in bad lighting, and I actually love the progress bar that tells me how much time I have left. It’s amazing!
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