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Announcing: Harry Potter Month (2.0)!

In July 2014, I hosted Harry Potter Month and I’m very pleased to announce that in July 2015 it will be back – hopefully even better than the first time! That’s because this year I’m co-hosting with Micheline and I’m very excited to have her on board!

What’s Harry Potter Month?!

In case you weren’t aware last year or need a recap, Harry Potter month is basically a month long celebration of all things Harry Potter! There are two main ways to join in:
1) Harry Potter related blog posts any time throughout the month
2) Participating in the House Cup – earning points for your House and trying to win the House Cup!

You can do one or the other or both, and there’s no minimum or maximum number of posts if you want to post.

What can I post about?

Pretty much anything as long as it has SOMETHING to do with Harry Potter! For example you could post….

  • Reviews of the books or films
  • Comparisons of the books v the films
  • Favourites lists: characters, quotes, scenes, pairings
  • Inspired by Harry Potter: Fashion, make up, nail art.
  • If you liked Harry Potter you might like…. books, tv shows, films etc
  • Fanfiction: Fanfics you’ve enjoyed, fanfics you’ve written, fanfic challenges
  • Discussions: Why you love Harry Potter, which House you think you’d be and why
  • Harry Potter crafts: wallpapers, bookmarks, icons, recipes, drink recipes
  • Harry Potter parties: Game ideas, decor ideas, drinking games

What’s the House Cup all about?

You choose your Hogwarts House, and then have fun earning points by completing any of a number of tasks, such as watching one of the films, commenting on other bloggers’ posts, making a HP related craft or playing on Pottermore! The full list of tasks and their points will go up on the 1st of July, but it was huge fun last year, and there will be a giveaway involved!


How do I get involved? / I’m not sure but maybe!

If you think it sounds interesting, please just add yourself to the HP Month spreadsheet here!

We’re not looking for anyone to send schedules back now or anything like that, and there’s no minimum involvement so if you get swamped with real life we understand! If you decide on any posts or dates between now and July then feel free to add them to the Schedule workbook on the HP Month spreadsheet, and on the 30th of June, Micheline and I will be posting a schedule for the month based on that. If you’d rather make it up as you go along, that’s fine too!We may also have readalongs or watchalongs depending on interest, so if you’re interested in taking part (or even hosting!) either of those, let me or Micheline know and we’ll get things arranged.

We hope to see you soon!

6 thoughts on “Announcing: Harry Potter Month (2.0)!

  1. *bounces around* Oh I am SO pumped about this! July can NOT come fast enough XD My post just went up on the blog and it’s basically a carbon copy of yours since my brain power still hasn’t returned due to travel exhaustion but I’ll be promoting the hell out of it so hopefully we have an awesome group just like last year! Thanks again for inviting me along ♥
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Announcing: Harry Potter Month!My Profile

    1. I’m not surprised – you seem SO busy, I’d probably be an exhausted wreck by now! (Or maybe a zombie). If you do decide you’ve got time, we’d love to have you again of course, but if real life is crazy, we totally get that too 🙂

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