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Fandom Mashups (#4)

Fandom Mashups is a great new feature hosted by Micheline.  Every week, a unique fictional scenario is proposed, and everyone then builds their personal dream team of five fictional characters from five different fandoms to complete the task!  Anyone is welcome to join in, just make sure to link back to Lunar Rainbows.

This week: You have to infiltrate a secret lair of evil to learn more about them and shut them down. Who do you bring to sneak in with you?


1. Silk (The Belgariad)

Silk is one of my favourite characters ever and he was an instant choice for this week.  A wickedly clever, light on his feet, spy – he could do the job on his own!

2. Valek (Study Series)

Okay, so there’s some overlap between Valek and Silk’s skill sets, but I think we could use both.  For one thing, if someone stumbles across us while we’re sneaking in, I know Valek & Silk could take care of it – quietly.

3. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

Someone needs to piece together whatever evidence we find and try to figure out more – Hermione has a great logical mind, so she could pick up on the important things, and cull out the stuff we didn’t need.  She could copy paperwork etc with magic so we could get in and out as quickly as possible and read later.  Plus, it’s always good to have magic on your side – dead end walls? Light if the lair is dark? Magic would be so handy.

4. Phil Coulson (Agents of SHIELD)

We need someone to plan our way in – and out – and I think Coulson could do a pretty good job.  I thought about picking Skye, because she could hack any tech etc, but she can also be a bit reckless, so maybe not!

5. Fire (Graceling)

Fire can manipulate minds which could come in seriously handy – lost? Get a guard to show you the way. Backed into a corner by too many guards to fight? Convince them they have somewhere else they’d rather be.  Silk & Valek could definitely convert people to our side if we needed them to, but Fire could do it quickly, neatly, and convince them to forget they’d even helped afterwords.


Who would you want to sneak into the enemy’s lair with you?

1 thought on “Fandom Mashups (#4)

  1. Gah! EVERYONE has Valek this week and I don’t know him yet and it’s making me crazy! I NEED to know him!! I also still need to meet Fire and Silk O.O Hermione was on my list too, I think she’d be brilliant (as always) and planning things out, preparations and disguises – hello Polyjuice Potion! Not to mention her purse with the extension charm XD Agent Coulson is a good choice too, his skills would definitely be an asset in a scenario like this one!
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