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Harry Potter House Cup Update #2

HP month badgeA week later it’s time for another House Points update and things have seriously picked up pace.  In the week since our last update, more than 550 points have been earned, which is just amazing. All the points have been added to the main house cup post, and I’ve left a comment so you can clearly see where I’ve added up to – anything after that comment will be added on next week.

Points earned between 5th & 12th July:

Hufflepuff 298

Gryffindor 120

Slytherin 108.5

Ravenclaw 62


Current Status:

In first place, Hufflepuff with 368 points

In second place, Slytherin with 178.5 points

In third place, Gryffindor with 147 points

In fourth place, Ravenclaw with 86 points



Where the points came from this week…..

  • 21 posts
  • 5 films watched
  • 1 documentary watched
  • 20 Pottermore chapters completed
  • 4 books read
  • 1 Harry Potter inspired craft

The top earner this week was Alex (118 points) closely followed by Jaclyn (102 points).


With 19 days to go, can anyone pull past Hufflepuff?!

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