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Fandom Mashups (#7)

Fandom Mashups is a great new feature hosted by Micheline.  Every week, a unique fictional scenario is proposed, and everyone then builds their personal dream team of five fictional characters from five different fandoms to complete the task!  Anyone is welcome to join in, just make sure to link back to Lunar Rainbows.

This week: VAMPIRES! They’ve taken over your hometown. Who do you want to kick some sparkly ass with?


1. Buffy Summers

This was an easy choice, of course Buffy would be a perfect team member for kicking vampire ass.

2. Caroline Forbes

Not the obvious Vampire Diaries choice probably, but I love Caroline’s character, and she’d be fun to hang out with. I did think about Damon but there were two obvious drawbacks – firstly that it might lead to distraction from vampire hunting and secondly that Damon may well join the other team if he thought it’d be more fun!

3. Eric Northman

I got less involved in the Sookie Stackhouse books as the series went on, but I’d love to have Eric on my side for kicking vampire ass! Downside: also possibly distracting.

4. Toothless

Not an obvious choice, but I refuse to believe that having a dragon on your side could be a drawback – especially given vampires’ relationship with fire…. He’d basically be a flying vampire blowtorch, and he’d be able to get us out of tight scrapes if it all went wrong.

5. Georgia Mason

Georgia and Sean Mason are the kick-ass bloggers in Mira Grant’s awesome Newsflesh trilogy.  I feel like Sean could tip the scales a little in fighting ability but he’s also a bit reckless, and Georgia’s logic could definitely come in handy for planning strategy.


Who would you want on your vampire-hunting team?

1 thought on “Fandom Mashups (#7)

  1. I love you team! You’re right, Buffy was a must for this week’s topic 🙂 I LOVE that you went with Caroline, I love her character too ♥ Damon WOULD be a distraction for me in any case and you’re right, he might just join the other side just to cause trouble LOL! I haven’t read Sookie Stackhouse but from what I gather about Eric, he’d be a nice addition too 😉 Oh and I agree that a dragon would DEFINITELY be an asset against vampires!
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