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Harry Potter House Cup Update #4

HP month badgeOkay, so you guys are honestly amazing – every week, you’re earning more and more points.  Last week you earned 700, the week before you earned 550…..this week, the total is more than 1000! AND I’m scheduling this in advance (I’m actually typing it up on Friday night) so the final total will be even higher! The points HAVEN’T been added to the main house cup post this week, because I’d have to put them up on Friday and spoil the surprise 😉 Instead, I’ll add them in when I get back on Wednesday.  As always, I’ve left a comment on the House Cup post so you can clearly see where I’ve added up to – anything after that comment will be added on next week.

Points earned between 5th & 12th July:

Hufflepuff 962 (seriously?!)

Gryffindor 49

Slytherin 153

Ravenclaw 30


Current Status:

In first place, Hufflepuff with 1665 points

In second place, Slytherin with 645.5 points

In third place, Gryffindor with 234 points [you might have noticed this has changed – don’t ask me how I’d originally got 338!]

In fourth place, Ravenclaw with 160 points



Where the points came from this week…..

  • 12 posts
  • 13 films watched
  • 167 Pottermore chapters
  • 8 books read
  • 2 Harry Potter inspired crafts

The top earner this week was Aylee with an amazing 644 points.

Special mention also to Lee who was earning for Ravenclaw single-handedly again this week, and for Micheline who was single-handedly earning for Gryffindor!


Let’s be honest, it’d take some serious work to catch up with Hufflepuff at this point, but we’re getting thrashed!

3 thoughts on “Harry Potter House Cup Update #4

  1. Wow Aylee you rocked it out! 😀 And Lee and Micheline awesome job for keeping your house going! I think the fact that more and more points are being earned each week is awesome! 😀 I’m excited for this last week! Good luck everyone. 😀
    Alex @ The Book Banner recently posted…Butterbeer CupcakesMy Profile

  2. Merlin’s beard! Hufflepuff is really flying ahead! Aylee came out of no where and is leading the game! (I feel like I’m a quidditch commentator, which makes me feel awesome 😀 )
    And Lee and Micheline, great job on keeping calm and carrying on. You guys are rocking it!
    The next week should be interesting, but I can’t imagine that the places can change up that much. But you never know, someone could go and save the sorcerer’s stone and win a bunch of points, or something 😉
    Christina recently posted…HP MotW (8): Who Would My Hogwarts Boyfriend Be?My Profile

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