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Harry Potter MotW: Books I’d recommend to Draco

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The theme of this week’s Harry Potter Moment of the Week isWhich Books Would You Recommend to Draco?

This week is a really hard one, but also good fun!  I can’t imagine Draco reading anything contemporary without complaining about the stupidity of muggles, so I stuck with some fantasy and sci-fi picks.

First up, Prince of Fools. I loved Jalan, the main character, who is all about himself, but isn’t evil.  I’d hope that Draco can see you don’t have to be a pure-as-snow good guy or a Death Eater – Jalan is the perfect example of a likeable, charming character with some questionable morals and a strong sense of saving his own ass.



Second, A Game of Thrones. A Game of Thrones is all about shades of grey (not like the E.L. James kind!), no easy black or white decisions here.  Plus it’s dramatic and gripping and there’s plenty for him to get lost in (plus dragons).



Finally, The Humans because I think if anything could convince you that people are fundamentally all the same and make you appreciate being human, this is it!

Which books would you recommend to Draco?

6 thoughts on “Harry Potter MotW: Books I’d recommend to Draco

  1. Game of thrones would be great! Like you said, it would introduce him to some characters who are very in the gray which might help him see that he isn’t a lost cause.
    I haven’t read Prince of Fools yet, but it sounds really good. And I think Draco would really appreciate a main character who has a strong self preservation =D
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