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Food recipes

Pumpkin pasties – I’m not sure I’ve ever actually eaten pumpkin, but I adore pastry (more than is healthy) and I’d love to give Pumpkin pasties a go. [Also, how gorgeous do they look in the photos?]

Butterbeer Ice Cream – Matt and I had Butterbeer at the Harry Potter studio tour and also at a Harry Potter party and didn’t love it either time, but I feel like in ice cream it could work. Somehow ice cream manages to be delicious even in flavours we don’t necessarily love the rest of the time (for example, I can’t stand coffee – on it’s own, in chocolate, anything – but coffee ice cream is one of my favourite things ever).

Mini treacle tarts – I’m a sucker for tiny desserts, and these look adorable.  I have to admit though I’d probably be lazy and use shop-bought pastry…

Double chocolate cauldron cakes – Okay, so essentially these are just fancy chocolate cupcakes, but they look cute, and I’m a chocolate fiend.  The only problem is if I made them they’d get eaten in our house VERY quickly.

Drink recipes

Firewhiskey– I’ve seen lots of recipes for Firewhiskey, but this recipe for Cinnamon Fireball whiskey looks pretty awesome to me – Bourbon + cinammon + sugar + chilli? I have an urge to start singing “These are a few of my favourite things”…  Although not strictly a Harry Potter themed recipe, this would definitely work for a Harry Potter party.

Hogwarts House drinks – these Hogwarts House shot recipes are simple, but the commentary that goes with them is also hilarious. For example, of the Slytherin shot, they say “It’s so damn delicious. It’s just like Slytherins: nice to your face while doing all kinds of nasty shit to you behind your back.”.  These house cocktails also look delicious – the Slytherin one looks especially exciting!



The Grim teacup – I love this because you could do it on any mug, so it wouldn’t mean having one mismatching mug or anything, and it seems like a simple DIY (though not necessarily an easy one because I can’t draw to save my life!)

Harry Potter tote bags – I can’t sew, but you can get blank totes on Amazon and eBay pretty easily. I’d love to have a favourite quote on mine.  I have an Elsa tote bag which I love because it’s an easy way to include some geek in my day other than my usual uniform of geeky tees, so I’d love to add a Harry Potter one into rotation!

Harry Potter quote scarves – See above on mixing up my uniform of geeky tees and skinny jeans!  I’ve also seen this done with dark fabric pens on light fabric which would mean you could skip the dye, making it a whole lot easier.

Any tutorials or recipes you’d love to try?  I’m always open to new ideas!

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter recipes & crafts I want to try

  1. See, it’s times like these that I wish I was more crafty! I would make ALL OF THESE and then ALL of the HP crafts and recipes in existence and then my house would be overflowing with ALL THE THINGS and I’d be very unhealthy from ALL THE TREATS but it would all be worth it hahahaha! I quite like Pumpkin pastries (and pastries in general) so I’m partial to that one. I’ve heard that our Muggle Butterbeer isn’t great but in the books it sounds divine so I’m thinking you’re right: ice-cream could bridge the gap. Mmmm ice cream! Oh and I love the idea of the Grim Teacup and HP totes ♥ Thanks for sharing all of these, I’ll be bookmarking this for a reference for later 😀
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