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This week has been a sort of selfish week: I’m only working two days a week, and although there are plenty of productive things I should be doing (working on writing up my dissertation, blogging, tidying etc), I’ve mostly been concentrating on putting myself first this week.  I’m not at all an athletic person, but I’ve talked before about wanting to be healthier, lose weight and do more exercise, and this week that’s been pretty much constantly on my mind!  Matt and I have rejoined the gym, and I’m determined to use it this time.  I know that easing myself in has never really worked before, so for the month of October I’m making it my goal to either go to the gym or hit my step goal (which is currently set to 7500 and is still hard to hit!) every day, in the hope that by the end of the month being active will be routine.  I realise we’re only 4 days in, but so far so good!  I’ve also been spending quite a bit of time cooking and preparing meals, eating healthily and cutting back on snacks.  I have to admit, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself so far!

I haven’t watched a lot this week, just the latest episodes of Great British Bake Off and Doctor Who, and about 2 more old Christopher Eccleston episodes of Doctor Who.  I finished A Thousand Pieces of You and flew through The White Rose, so a pretty good reading week, but that’s about all I’ve been up to really.

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Finished: A Thousand Pieces of You, The White Rose

Currently Reading: Station Eleven

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  1. So.NOT.selfish! After all of the hard work you’ve been putting into school over the years, YOU DESERVE A BREAK and to do WHATEVER the heck you want to do Faith^^ You focus on you 100% Best of luck with your health and fitness goals and I’m sorry but I have to cheer your watching new episodes of Doctor Who and Ninth Doctor episodes as well ♥♥♥♥♥ You got some nice reading time in there too 😀 Have a wonderful week! xxxx
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