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Bookish Resolutions Challenge 2016

Because Reading is better than reali life

The Bookish Resolutions challenge is hosted by Laura @ trips down imagination road and Michelle of Because Reading and as a total goal-setting/planner nerd I just couldn’t resist (though I’m not very good at sticking to my resolutions!)

Reading Goals

  • Finish at least 5 series
    • Like a lot of bloggers, I read a LOT of series, but I’m not necessarily great at finishing them – last year I read books from 32 series, and only finished 6.  This year I want to make sure I get at least 5 series finished, though ideally more would be great!
  • Catch up with at least 5 series
    • Again, in the hopes of being more organised when it comes to series, I want to get up to date on at least five series.  For both of these series goals they can be series I’ve already started or series I start this year, but they must have MORE than one book out so far.
  • Get My NetGalley score up to 80% and once there, keep it above 75%
    • My NetGalley ratio has been hovering around 65%/70% for a few months now.  This year I’d love to finally break the mythical 80% mark which has felt so far away.  I’m giving myself a leeway of 5% once I get there, because I know sometimes I let it drop down when a few great titles come up that I can’t resist requesting!
  • Read at least 65 books
    • I debated whether to even set a reading goal this year, but I’ve hesitantly set it for 65 books, the exact number I managed to read last year.
  • Read 10 books I had on my shelves pre-2016
    • This is a pretty simple one, I just want to knock off a few books that I’ve already got on my TBR list, whether those are review copies, audiobooks, books I’ve bought, whatever.

Blogging Goals

  • Post a month recap every month
  • Post at least 12 times each month
  • Change my layout
    • I love my little elephant and porcupine, so they’ll probably stay but I’d love to change my layout this year – for one thing, my hair isn’t red anymore so that’s totally out of date 😉
  • Keep book spreadsheet up to date
    • I’m a total stats nerd and I’ve downloaded Crini’s spreadsheet which I’m loving.  I’ve always used Excel before, but having Crini’s spreadsheet all set up and ready to go, and easy to access from Google docs is hopefully a much easier system.
  • Review at least half the books I read
    • I’m pretty hopeless at this, especially if I don’t review things pretty rapidly after reading them.  My percentage last year was something pathetic like 20%, so this year I’m aiming for a slightly less embarrassing ratio!

Personal Goals

  • Lose 25lbs +
    • This one is pretty self explanatory right?  I’d like to lose about 45lbs all in, but if I could lose 25lbs this year that’d be a damn good start.  Losing weight has been on my goal list for just about forever, but I keep losing and regaining the same half a stone, so it’s not going well so far!  I’m hoping by putting it up here and making myself accountable, it’ll motivate me a bit more.  I’m also thinking of starting up a blog feature related to this but not sure about that yet.
  • Go to the gym/swim/exercise class a total of 100 times
    • This works out at about twice a week, not a huge amount but a heck of a lot better than I’m doing currently!

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