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The Weekly Recap


An Ember in The Ashes (borrowed)
Carry On (borrowed)
Disclaimer (borrowed)

Total spend: Nothing

My Week

I have had a manically busy (but very good!) week!  I went to the Pierce Brown event at Hodderscape on Monday, worked most of the week, went to London with my other half on Saturday, went out for dinner on Sunday and got a lot of Nashville Season 3 watched and a fair bit of reading done.  Between all of that and the fact we had an internet outage for like three days, the blog has been sadly neglected, but I have had a great relaxing week which was plenty of fun.

Reading updates:

Finished: Days of Blood & Starlight (TBR), Spell or High Water (audio)

Currently Reading: Calamity (audio), An Ember in the Ashes

How was your week?

1 thought on “The Weekly Recap

  1. Eeeeep – 3 day internet outage! It can feel good to disconnect sometimes but hopefully you didn’t have anything pressing to get to! Sounds like you have a fantastic week anyway with bookish events, LONDON ♥, food, t.v. and reading 😀 I can’t wait to hear all your thoughts on DoB&S AND Carry On which I still need to read!

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