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Looking Ahead: March 2016

What’s on in March?

You might be wondering where I’ve been this month and why my looking ahead post is coming out when March is more than half finished… Well, to be honest, March hasn’t been the best month here – our cat has been pretty ill and unfortunately had to be put down.  Obviously everyone here is very upset and being productive hasn’t exactly been top of my priority list.  We’re also still having internet problems (the wireless card in my laptop is pretty rubbish I think, so combined with internet that keeps dropping out as well, my connection is very sporadic!), so a few times I’ve come to write a blog post only for the internet to fail repeatedly and just sort of given up in frustration, if I’m honest!
I’m making my TBR list for the month pretty small, since I know we’ve got quite a few real life things planned to try and cheer everyone up a little bit, but I’m still hoping to get some reading and blogging done too.  Thank you for bearing with me!

Last month’s TBR list

The Queen | Completed
Days of Blood & Starlight
| Completed
Reasons to Stay Alive | Completed
Assassin’s Heart | Not started
Golden Son | Completed
Fellside | Not started
& February’s TBR Poll Winner – Calamity | Started


Morning Star | Completed
In the Dark, In the Woods | Completed
Spell or High Water | Completed

March’s TBR list

Carry On | Borrowed
| From my (audiobook) shelves
Dreams of Gods & Monsters | Borrowed
An Ember in the Ashes | Borrowed
Fellside | Borrowed

February was a pretty average month for sticking to my TBR: I read four of my planned seven books, plus three unplanned ones.  My March TBR is pretty small – just five books, three of which I’ve already finished since I’m so late getting this up!  Calamity was the winner of the February TBR poll, but I’m still slowly reading through it on audio and hoping to get it finished this month.  Fellside made it onto February TBR lists but never actually got started, but I think I might finally be in the mood for something spooky so fingers crossed this month is the one!

What do you have planned for March?

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  1. Oh Faith, I am so, so sorry to hear about your cat 🙁 I went through that a few years ago with my oldest cat that I’d had since I was a teen and it was rough. *BIG HUGS* The internet situation sounds frustrating to say the least! I hope things clear up on that front soon. Thanks for updating us on your whereabouts and goings on, I missed you 🙂 Take care my friend and hopefully the rest of March will be better for you ♥
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