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April TBR List – Winner!

TBRMemeMy TBR list is a meme hosted by Michelle at Because Reading which aims to help knock a few books off our TBR piles by letting everyone else vote on what we should read!

The winner, by rather a lot, is…

This month’s vote was pretty dramatic, with Shiver pulling into first and staying firmly there, winning by more votes than any other book that’s taken part in one of my monthly TBR votes so far!  A lot of people seem to love Shiver (though not as much as The Raven Boys!), and I’m hoping I like it too so I can enjoy the rest of the series 😉  I’m also looking forward to the fact I have a physical copy of this one, since ARC April means I’m reading a LOT of ebooks this month, and I have to admit I prefer paperbacks!

5 thoughts on “April TBR List – Winner!

  1. Ooooh I hope you’ll enjoy Shiver Faith! I’ll admit I wasn’t sure, since Twilight and the subsequent falling out with the YA paranormal romance genre, but Shiver was the YA PNR I feel we all deserved! I still wish I’d read it back when it came out because I think I would have become OBSESSED LOL! I can’t wait to hear all about your thoughts on this one ♥
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    1. Oh yay, I’m so glad to hear that you love both! I feel like I’ve heard a lot of love for The Raven Boys (which I loved) but not so much for Shiver (recently anyways), so I’m a bit nervous about starting it!

      The meme is great fun, I love picking a few books off my TBR and waiting to see what everyone picks. Sometimes, like this month, I think I know in advance who will probably win, but last month there was only one vote’s difference so I had no idea which way it would go!

      1. It’s always surprises me at how little attention her Shiver series gets. It’s written in that same simplistic, lyrical style (not sure what else to call it!) that she has and even though the stories are very different I would think more fans of the Raven Boys would go back & read it. But hey, what do I really know? lol

        I think doing this meme would really help me get through my TBR pile. I always have such a long list of books that I need to read and sometimes it’s really hard choosing or I’m on the fence about them for whatever reason. This would be a great way to help me read through those ones and I would imagine it’s a ton of fun watching & waiting to see which book wins! You probably have a better chance of liking the book too since your reading one that your blog followers picked & presumably they’d have similar tastes since they read your reviews 😉
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