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My Week

This week hasn’t been too busy, just a couple of shifts at work this week.  I spent a reasonable amount of my free time this week in the gym (I know, who am I and what have I done with Faith right?!), going to two gym classes and one gym session.  I ached all over by the time those sessions were finished, as I did three sessions in three days, but I also ran jogged very slowly for my longest time so far, 7 minutes!  Other than gym-ing, I spent a day doing some more tidying and rearranging, since our bedroom switch over meant we kinda had stuff everywhere. I spent a day chilling out and doing as little as possible which is when I read the manga, and I spent the weekend away with friends which was great fun, basically a weekend of country walks, lots of food and board games (plus a few drinks).

Next week is busy with work (not so good for the relaxing, but much better for the bill-paying – silver linings and all!), so I don’t really have anything planned apart from another couple of gym sessions, and hopefully finishing both Assassin’s Heart & Armada, since I’m at about 75% of both.

Reading updates:

Finished: Attack on Titan: Before The Fall 1, 2, 3 & 4

Currently Reading: Armada (audio), Assassin’s Heart

How was your week?

1 thought on “The Weekly Recap

  1. I feel like our business at work is syncing up because next week’s going to be another busy one for me whereas this one was a nice chill break – after 2-3 weeks of business. I hope your week goes smoothly! Way to go with going to the gym. I wish I had your motivation. I wish I could gym. As it is, I do my exercise outdoors but with this Winter hardly bringing ANY snow, I only snowshoed one…and it shows o_O Started walking/hiking again though so hopefully that helps! I can’t wait to see what you’ll think of Armada – I’m planning on starting it as soon as I’m done with The Heroes of Olympus series on audio…if my current mood holds of course #MoodReaderProblems LOL! Have a great week girl ♥
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