New Feature: TV tournament!

I’ve been thinking a lot about TV recently, specifically about shows I want to watch or think I might want to watch.  There just aren’t enough hours to watch everything I think I might want to, and while I love the idea of trying out lots of shows but only sticking with the ones I really like, I’m not very good at giving up on TV.  Plus, since I can’t really read or blog while watching TV, I tend to feel guilty for not doing something more ‘productive’ (even though we all know relaxing is important!).

Inspired by Lauren, who is asking for help picking which show to binge next, I spent a few days trying to come up with a way to…
– find a new show to watch
– find a way to blog about it (since I want to branch out more with blogging and to reduce feeling guilty for TV time)
– come up with a system for ditching shows I’m not loving.

Finally, I think I’ve come up with a plan….A TV tournament!

The idea is simple (although it’s taken me an embarrassingly long time to try and think through the logistics!) – using your votes, I’ll be choosing 8 (or possibly 16, yet to be determined) tv shows to start watching, and I’ll slowly be eliminating them based on what I’m enjoying to end up with an overall winner.

This is where you come in: please, please, please, recommend your favourite shows below! You can leave a comment with shows you love, or vote using the form below (it has 8 fields but you can complete it multiple times if you want to).  Voting will be open until the 16th of May to give me time to decide which shows are battling each other before starting on May 18th.  I have access to Amazon Prime, Now TV and Netflix UK but I’m also happy to ask around and see if I can borrow boxsets from friends.

In case you’re curious about my TV habits so far, I’ve included below shows I’ve watched, and some shows I think I might want to watch.

Shows I’ve watched/am currently watching (favourites in bold):

Attack on Titan ~ Buffy the Vampire Slayer  ~ Cardcaptors ~ Doctor Who ~ Game of Thrones ~ Glee ~ Gossip Girl ~ House ~ How to Get Away with Murder ~ Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ~ Marvel’s Jessica Jones ~ Nashville ~ Once Upon a Time ~ Orange Is The New Black ~ Orphan Black ~ Pokemon X & Y ~ Sherlock ~ The 100 ~ The Originals ~ True Blood ~ Vampire Diaries

Shows on my radar that I think I might want to watch (you absolutely don’t have to stick to these with your votes!):

Arrow ~ Black Sails ~ Bones ~ Castle ~ Criminal Minds ~ Downton Abbey ~ Gotham ~ Grey’s Anatomy ~ Grimm ~ Hart of Dixie ~ Homeland ~ House of Cards ~ Legends of Tomorrow ~ Marco Polo ~ Mr Robot ~ Outlander ~ Pretty Little Liars ~ Scandal ~ Sleepy Hollow ~ Sons of Anarchy ~ Supergirl ~ Supernatural ~ The Flash ~ The Good Wife ~ The Shannara Chronicles ~ Vikings

Shows that people have voted for so far:

Agent Carter ~ America’s Next Top Model ~ Arrow ~ Being Human ~ Bitten ~ Broadchurch ~ Continuum ~ Criminal Minds ~ Friday Night Lights ~ Fringe ~ From Dusk Til Dawn ~ Gilmore Girls ~ Gotham ~ Grey’s Anatomy ~ Hart of Dixie ~ Homeland ~ House of Cards ~ How I Met Your Mother ~ iZombie ~ Legends of Tomorrow ~ Lost Girl ~ Luther ~ Marco Polo ~ Misfits ~ Mr Robot ~ Murdoch Mysteries ~ New Girl ~ Parenthood ~ Peaky Blinders ~ Pretty Little Liars ~ Prison Break ~ Reign ~ Revenge ~ Ripper Street ~Scandal ~ Sleepy Hollow ~ Sons of Anarchy ~ Suits ~ Supergirl ~ Supernatural ~ The Flash ~ The Royals ~ The Walking Dead ~ The West Wing ~ Ugly Betty ~ Vikings ~ White Collar ~ Witches of East End ~ Younger

Voting is now closed – thank you!

1 thought on “New Feature: TV tournament!

  1. I love this idea Faith!! A lot of the shows you mentioned in your selection are ones I want to watch too (Downton Abbey, Castle, Outlander…) but I voted for the ones that I watched/am watching and enjoy 🙂 I’d say the top 5 I listed are favorites of mine. #6 is still new and I’m not 100% sold but I still enjoy it well enough 🙂 Good luck picking what to watch next my friend and keep us posted^^ xx
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