TV Tournament (1)

TV tournament is a new fortnightly feature here at Geeky Zoo Girl.  Since I was on the hunt for a new TV show to watch, I asked you for recommendations.  I’m now working through those recommendations and pitting the shows against each other!

So, the voting is closed and I’ve now got 16 TV shows recommended by you guys.  I’ve tried to divide those up into vaguely matching pairs, and the final tournament brackets can be seen below.  I’ve (roughly speaking) divided them into contemporary (left hand side) and SFF (right hand side).

The rules I’ll be sticking to:

  • Each round will last for 2 weeks.
  • Within each round, I will watch at least 3 episodes of each show, ideally more.
  • Every other Wednesday I will update with my feelings on episodes watched, and which show was eliminated.  [Alternatively, if I have lots of comments/you guys prefer, I may do a weekly update with mini-reviews and then a fortnightly elimination update.]
  • If I can’t make a decision within that two weeks, the round may continue running alongside the next show, but only until that stage ends (i.e. all quarter-finals decisions must be made before semi-finals and so on).
  • If I really hate a show: I have 2 back up shows (1 for the left hand half of the board, 1 for the right) – if these are used, it must be in the initial round, before the quarter finals.
  • Between levels (after rounds 1-8, after the quarter-finals, after semi-finals), there may be a break of no more than two weeks if needed to catch up!

TV Tournament

TV Tournament Brackets in my bullet journal!

In case you can’t see the image, the rounds are:

Grey’s Anatomy v Hart of Dixie
Pretty Little Liars v Friday Night Lights
New Girl v How I Met Your Mother
Homeland v Sons of Anarchy

The Flash v Arrow
Gotham v Supernatural
iZombie v The Walking Dead
Agent Carter v Supergirl

For round 1, thanks to random number magic, I will be starting with Grey’s Anatomy and Hart of Dixie.  Pop back in two weeks for my thoughts so far!

1 thought on “TV Tournament (1)

  1. Holy this looks epic and a lot of fun Faith! I can’t wait to hear your impressions on some of my favorite shows 😀 I don’t envy your choices though: Flash VS Arrow? I love both of those equally hehe! And while Supernatural is one of my top fandoms, I adore Gotham too (considering my love of Batman) so that would be a toughie too LOL! Needless to say I’ll be following your progress here^^ Good luck with week one and happy viewing!
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