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Top Ten Tuesday (#82): Reasons I love Bullet Journaling

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted at The Broke and The Bookish where they post a list idea and everyone is welcome to post the list with their own answers. This week’s theme is “Ten Reasons I Love X“.  I’ve gone with bullet journaling, my current obsession, and I’ve got 8 reasons why I love it.

It keeps me organised

I got through both my university courses by using a diary religiously, and although I don’t have deadlines and different courses to juggle, I’ve discovered I still need a diary to keep on top of things.  Even though I only work a couple of days each week, those shifts aren’t regular, and so a diary keeps me organised.

It’s flexible

Some weeks I have lots on, others (like on holiday!), I might have nothing to plan out at all.  The beauty of the bullet journal is that I can switch my layouts up: maybe using dailies for a busy weekend, or different weekly layouts depending on how many social events or work shifts I’ve got on.

It lets me be creative

I like to think of myself as creative, but aside from writing, I’m just not – I can’t draw, I can’t play an instrument, I don’t paint or anything like that.  Bullet journaling lets me be creative but knowing that in a few days I’ll have moved onto a new page takes away some of the pressure – I don’t mind messing up because it’s not anything important or that’s going on display.

It makes me want to be productive

I’m a big fan of the to-do list – it lets me get to the end of the week and see that I at least got (for example) a couple of blog posts done, or went to the gym, even if I didn’t manage to achieve everything I wanted to. Ticking off little goals, like tracking my food, or reading makes me want to be productive: how many more things can I tick off? What else can I get done?!

I can use it for all kinds of different interests

From review copies and their publication dates to TV trackers to weight loss, if I have an interest, guaranteed I can find a way to work it into my bullet journal!

The community is FULL of awesome inspiration

From instagram to blogs to Pinterest, there is SO much awesome inspiration out there.  Nine times out of ten, if I come up with something I think would be great in my bullet journal, someone else has done it, and beautifully!  I love browsing instagram and getting inspiration from the amazing community.

I get bored easily

I’ve been through a fair few planning set-ups, some of which I’ve truly loved: the dodo-pad in my filofax, the plannerisms planner, the adorable undated piyo diary, a moleskine diary & the Palgrave student planner to name just a few.  For pretty much every one, I LOVED it…for a while.  Then, after a while I get bored, I want to mix things up. I no longer love the cuteness, or the minimalism, or whatever look I was so obsessed with, because I’m in a phase of loving something else.  Bullet journaling mean that’s not a problem: I can have a totally plain, black and white layout one week, followed by a decorative one the week after, followed by one filled with Harry Potter, all in one notebook, without having to start over.

It’s reasonably cheap

I’ve kept my bullet journalling supplies pretty minimal: a leuchtturm 1917, and some coloured pens.  It cost me about £13, which is less than any of my filofaxes (£20-£100 each + inserts).  I know the idea is that a filofax lasts a lot longer – apart from inserts which need replacing each year, the binder itself has a long lifespan.  Unfortunately, because I get bored easily, I end up wanting a new filofax by the end of each year at least.  In comparison I estimate I’ll get through 2 bullet journals a year; I started my current one in January and could probably drag it out to the end of the year, but I know I won’t – back to the boredom 😉 Either way, a new notebook at approximately £13 is cheaper than swapping filofaxes!

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  1. I want to get into bullet journaling after a few blogger friends have shared their glorious pictures on IG and their blogs! I hate my handwriting though which is probably why I haven’t done so yet. I do however, love coloured pens, and being organized and creative! And I could easily use some help at being more productive LOL! I can see Pinterest totally inspiring me that way but I’m already a Pinterest addict so I’ll wait to explore bullet journaling on there until I hook myself up with some supplies XD
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