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The Weekly Recap


The Dream Thieves (purchased)
Forever (purchased)

Total spend: £1.75

My Week

This week has actually been reasonably quiet but has somehow still felt busy. I spent two of my days off trying to get some blogging and reading done, and another getting some real life preparations done, all in readiness for a few busy weeks coming up… For the next two weeks (hopefully more!) I’ll be doing 6 days a week, so that’ll keep me plenty busy.  I’m excited about everything but I have to admit I’m not quite so looking forward to it all cutting into my reading/blogging/Grey’s Anatomy time!  About the only things I have planned for next week (aside from the aforementioned work) are an evening out to celebrate my other half finishing his course, and hopefully finishing And I Darken!

Finished: Salvation in Death

Currently Reading: An Unwelcome Quest, And I Darken

How was your week?

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