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HP month badge2016As you may have heard, Micheline and I are hosting Harry Potter month throughout the month of July – a celebration of all things Harry Potter! If you’d like to join in, feel free! You can post about pretty much anything Harry Potter related, or take part in the House Cup at any time throughout the month, and we’d love to have you share your love for HP!

So, if you’re here, I’m hoping you’re interested in taking part in the Harry Potter Month House Cup! This post & Micheline’s matching one, are pretty much Harry Potter month central! Here’s where you can find the linky to everyone’s posts, as well as claim your house points.

To take part in the house cup is really really simple:

  1. Leave a comment below with which House you’d like to be in.
  2. Have fun doing any of the tasks below!
  3. Come back here, or to Micheline’s post, as often as you like and leave a comment with any points you’ve earned
  4. Once a week Micheline and I’ll be taking turns to recap the points so far, and on the 3rd of August we’ll declare the House Cup Winners
  5. Enjoy, and maybe win a prize 😉

What if I want want to change House?

If you decide you’d like to change House, you can do that any time before you’ve earned points (otherwise it becomes too confusing to keep totals right!)

Rules are boring – just tell me how to earn the points!

Read a Harry Potter fanfiction: 1 point per chapter (let us know which in the comments!)
Leave a comment on any Harry Potter month post: 2 points
Waching a HP documentary: 3 points
Complete a Pottermore chapter (let us know which!): 4 points
Write HP fanfiction: 5 points per chapter
Watch one of the films: 5 points
Reading one of the Hogwarts Library/Companion books: 6 points
Post as part of Harry Potter month: 10 points
Take part in HP Moment of the Week: 10 points
Make a Harry Potter craft/recipe: 15 points
Host a giveaway: 15 points
Read one of the books: 20 points

** Tasks can be combined (within reason!) E.g.  If you write a fanfiction chapter (3 points) and then post about it (10 points), you can combine to get 13 points overall (but you can’t post four times about the same fanfiction chapter and claim the points four times!) **

How do I update my points?

Just leave a comment below with your name, house and any points you’ve earned since you last commented.  Something like this would do perfectly:

Faith (Slytherin)
5 Comments = 10 points
1 Post = 10 points

If you’d rather skip the maths, feel free! Just let us know which tasks you completed and we’ll do our best to add everything up correctly.

Is there a prize?

One participant will win a book of their choice (up to £10) from The Book Depository (assuming you’re in one of the countries they deliver to) OR a £10 Amazon.co.uk gift card – your choice.  For every house point you earn, you’ll get one entry into the prize draw.  You can sign up for the cup until the 24th of July, and you’ve got until midnight BST on the 2nd of August to comment with your points for them to count.






If you want to add your HP month posts to the linky, please feel free 🙂 Please make sure you’re linking directly to a post though, to make it easy for people to keep track of what they’ve commented on already!





9 thoughts on “Harry Potter Month House Cup

  1. Well, I’m going to claim my points for the week here, since you’re back from holiday now…and it felt weird claiming points on my own post last time XD

    I’ve had a busy week:

    Micheline, Gryffindor

    Read Philosopher’s Stone (20) and Chamber of Secrets (20) =40

    Watched Philosopher’s Stone (5) Chamber of Secrets (5) and Prisoner of Azkaban (5) = 15

    1 post: Favorite Ships = 10

    Comments 14: Alex’s HP Quote (2), Lee’s Hilarity of Fred and George (2), Farida’s HP Revelations II (2), Jaclyn’s House Elves (2), Alex’s HP Profile (2) Christina’s Fantastic Beasts (2), Amanda’s HP Progress (2), Farida’s Old HP Set (2), Lee’s Filch’s Journaling Post (2), Jaclyn’s House Elves II (2), Alex’s In Case of Dementors (2) Alex’s HP Quote II (2) your HP Profile (2), Christina’s HP Illustrated (2) = 28

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday #135My Profile

  2. The second House cup update is up, with all comments above this one counted! Everything else will go into next week’s update 🙂

  3. Micheline – Gryffindor

    Read Prisoner of Azkaban (20), Read Goblet of Fire (20) = 40

    Watched Goblet of Fire (5), Order of the Phoenix (5), Half Blood Prince (5) = 15

    Posts: HPMotW (10), Prisoner of Azkaban Feels (10), Potterhead Book Recs (10), HPMotW (10) = 40

    Comments: HPMotW – Lee (2), Alex (2), Jaclyn (2), Amanda (2), Christina (2), Faith (2)
    Farida’s JK’s Old Website (2), Farida’s Centaur Post (2), Amanda’s HBP Thirsty Thursday (2), Alex’s HP Quote (2), Jaclyn’s House Elves III (2), Christina’s HP Profile (2), Faith’s Book Recs for HP Characters (2), Farida’s Letter by Draco (2), Farida’s Witch Weekly (2), Jaclyn’s House Elves IV (2), Lee’s Sorcerer’s Stone Magic (2), Alex’s Quote (2), Jaclyn’s HP Profile (2), Alex’s Wand Story (2)
    HPMotW: Lee (2), Jaclyn (2), Alex (2), Christina (2), Amanda (2) = 50

    40+15+40+50 = 145
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Harry Potter Moment #152My Profile

  4. Last minute points to claim 😀 I didn’t make the last House Cup Update in time…

    Micheline – Gryffindor:

    Read OotP (20)

    Watched DH1 (5) Watched DH2 (5) = 10

    Posts: Why McGonagall is a BAMF (10), Hybrid Hogwart Houses (10) HPMotW (10) My HP Profile (10) =40

    Comments: Alex’s OotP Quote (2), Amanda’s Exploring My Bookshelves (PS) (2), Alex’s Discoveries at Hogwarts (2), Faith’s House Point Update (forgot to claim on your first one (2), Alex’s Hogwarts Visual Tour (2), Lee’s Lego HP Post (2), Amanda’s Studio C Post (2), Christina’s Upcoming HP Illustrated Editions (2), Alex’s Hagrid CoS post (2), Farida’s PS quote (2), Lee’s CoS movie post (2), Alex’s HBP quote (2), Alex’s HP Book Editions (2), Amanda’s Studio C II (2), Faith’s Fanon Ships Trio Era (2), Nori’s HP Birthday Party (2), Lee’s PoA movie post (2), Farida’s Writer’s Guide to HP (2), Farida’s HP Scavenger Hunt (2), Farida’s People telling JK (2), Nori’s Book Recs for HP (2), Alex’s Quote DH (2), Jaclyn’s Why Hagrid is amazing (2), Farida’s Thank You Post (2), Faith’s Fanon Ships Marauders (2), Faith’s House Cup Update (2), Christina’s Never a Ravenclaw (2), Alex’s Happy Birthday Neville (2) = 56

    HPMotW comments: Christina (2), Lee(2), Jaclyn (2), Alex (2) = 8

    20+10+40+56+8 = 134
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…My Harry Potter ProfileMy Profile

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