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Harry Potter MotW: When would you leave Hogwarts?

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[This post is a response to Harry Potter Moment of the Week and part of Harry Potter Month!]

The theme of this week’s Harry Potter Moment of the Week is ‘Would you finish your studies at Hogwarts in your 5th year, or would you go on until the 7th year?’

This is an easy one for me – stay on until the 7th year for sure!  Why would I not want more time at Hogwarts?! I’m sure Harry was told he needed at least 5 Exceeds Expectations grade NEWTs to become an auror (did I make this up, anyone know?!), so if we assume we get to take 5 subjects I’d want to take…

  • Care of Magical Creatures: I’m an animal lover, and (most of!) the magical creatures we’ve heard of so far are amazing, so I definitely want to get the chance to find out about more.
  • Potions: Well as a Slytherin, it’s got to be done right? Plus, I think I’d be quite good at Potions, since I’d be quite meticulous at following the recipes.
  • Charms: This just seems pretty fundamental, too important to miss!
  • Transfiguration: Transfiguration would be amazing, and I feel like taking the NEWT might give you an advantage in managing to become an Animagus would be really cool.
  • Defence Against The Dark Arts: Let’s be honest, we’ve seen how magic can be abused, and so I’d definitely want to learn to defend myself. Plus, with a decent teacher, it’s also just a really interesting subject!
Would you want to stay until 7th year or leave at the end of 5th?

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter MotW: When would you leave Hogwarts?

  1. I think you’re right about the requirements for being an Auror! In any case, I feel like I’d want an EE in ALL my classes…and that I’d want to take ALL the classes. Learning about anything Magic is THE DREAM and honestly, even History of Magic with ghost Professor Bins would be worth it for me. After finishing our 7th year, do you want to start a petition with me to get graduate level courses at Hogwarts? LOL!
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  2. I agree, I think that Charms is a pretty standard important class to have. I’m with you too on Transfiguration. I would LOVE being able to become an animagus! In the Potterverse, I’d say Defense Against the Dark Arts is also a must. I’m not sure whether I’d be in Care of Magical Creatures. I guess it would depend on the types of creatures the 6th and 7th years were learning about. Potions has always seemed pretty great to me. I’m excellent at following instructions and paying attention to small details so I think it would be fun.

  3. DADA is such a great class for everyone to take. I mean, it’s basically just the magical version of self-defense. I wonder if they teach adult classes outside of school. Maybe they could get ex-auror’s to teach it. That would definitely be interesting.

    I also think I would be good at potions for that same reason! Although I have never liked Snape, I think, being a fellow Slytherin, he wouldn’t terrify me too much… Hopefully…
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  4. This is great! Your schedule looks great to me, though I probably wouldn’t take Care of Magical Creatures. More power to you though, I’m glad you’re excited about it. I just hope you don’t have to take care of flobberworms. O.o

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