Stacking the shelves

The Weekly Recap


The Hatching (borrowed)
Trouble (Borrowed)
Magnus Chase (borrowed)
Outcast (borrowed)

Total spend: £0

My Week

This week has been a rather speedy re-introduction to the real world – I did a few shifts at work, some volunteering and spent a few days working on a paper, so it’s been pretty busy!  I didn’t manage to get Golden Son or Blood Rites finished as I hoped, although I did read Outcast, and a few Harry Potter fanfics.  I’ve got another busy week ahead, but I’m hoping (again!) to get Golden Son and Blood Rites finished.  I think I might start The Hatching after that because it sounds awesome (though also scary!).

Finished: Outcast

Currently Reading: Blood Rites, Golden Son, Wild

How was your week?

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