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My favourite Harry Potter fanon ships: Trio era

HP month badge2016As you may have heard, Micheline and I are hosting Harry Potter month throughout the month of July – a celebration of all things Harry Potter! If you’d like to join in, feel free! You can post about pretty much anything Harry Potter related, or take part in the House Cup at any time throughout the month, and we’d love to have you share your love for HP!

I’ve made no seccret of the fact I am a huge fanfiction fan, and a huge fanon shipper (sorry, canon fans), but I don’t often mention specifically which pairings I really love.  I don’t tend to discuss these with my friends and family offline, mostly for fear of judgement but if I can’t share with my fellow HP month fanatics, what hope is there right?! So, after hesitating too much last year, this Harry Potter month I’m finally sharing my shipping obsessions!  This first post is all about my favourite pairings from the trio era, since they’re the ones I’m most likely to read/write, but expect to also see a post on my favourite Marauder era pairings, because I do have a few I love there too!  For each one, I’ve shared the Fiction Alley ship name, just for fun and a little discussion on why I love that pairing.

Absolute Favourites


FictionAlley ship name: S.S. Leather & Libraries

Okay, first of all, am I the only one who thinks that FictionAlley nautical name is kinda sexy?! This and the pairing below are my absolute favourites, and I tend to go through phases of loving more than the other and then switching back, but if I really had to pick an OTP (One True Pairing) it’d probably be this one. Maybe.

Anyway, I love this pairing because we know both characters are smart, and stories featuring them often use the hatred-to-romance trope which I have a bit of a weakness for. Draco is one of my favourite characters because he’s been given such a crappy deal, but he’s definitely not evil, and it’s fun to read about him being more than just Harry’s enemy.  Plus of course I love Hermione, so stories with this ship focus on two of my absolute favourite characters, so that’s always nice 😉


FictionAlley ship name: S.S. Guns ‘n’ Handcuffs

Like a lot of fanfiction readers I think, Draco/Harry was the ship that got me hooked on fanfiction in the first place.  The two have always had a lot of strong emotions between them, and again these stories tend to focus on that hatred-to-romance trope I’ve already mentioned I have a weakness for. They’re a great pairing for the idea that there’s a fine line between love and hate, and despite apparently being very different, it seems like the two could have a lot in common: they’re both Quidditch players, both talented wizards, and despite the very different reasons, both have had to put up with constantly having other people’s expectations forced on them.

Warm & fuzzy feelings


FictionAlley ship name: S.S. Fire & Ice

The FictionAlley ship name absolutely sums this pairing up for me: an icy Draco Malfoy, a fiery, passionate Ginny… Ginny often seems like she doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and in a lot of respects I wouldn’t be surprised if she threw herself into a relationship just as much for the rebellion as because she wanted to!  On the other hand, I just don’t love them quite as much as Draco/Harry or Draco/Hermione.


FictionAlley ship name: Flames of Mystery

This is definitely a ship I’ve grown to love through fanfiction, because obviously we know almost nothing about Blaise from canon.  It’s yet again another Gryffindor/Sltherin pairing (my favourite kind of pairing <3), but Blaise is usually written as a bit less serious, a bit more fun, than Draco, and that definitely feels like a better fit for Ginny!

Background pairings

These are pairings that I like, but I don’t love the same way as the others.  I might read a one-shot about them, or a long story with these as a background couple, but I don’t tend to seek them out the same way as the others.


FictionAlley ship name: S.S. Kicks & Giggles

There’s just something about this pairing that makes sense to me, that seems like a good fit in my head, although I can’t really explain why except that they just seem to complement each other so well!


FictionAlley ship name: S.S. Enemies Lust Here

Again, we come back to Ginny & rebellion, enemies to lovers, and my favourite Gryffindor/Slytherin pairings.  What can I say, when it comes to fanfiction, I have a type! 😉 Pansy and Ginny written together quite often tends to be an awesome story of two kick-ass women who aren’t afraid to go after what they want, and hang the consequences, which is a lot of fun to read.


FictionAlley ship name: S.S. Minds on Fire

One of the very few trio era ships I enjoy which aren’t cross-Houses!  Two amazingly smart, determined women, I’m not sure how this would ever have been a pairing I could resist!


Are you a canon fan all the way or do you enjoy reading fanon ships too?  Which pairings can you just not resist?

4 thoughts on “My favourite Harry Potter fanon ships: Trio era

  1. I’m glad someone made a post about fanon ships! I was thinking about sharing my preferences too but then decided not to. I used to be an obsessive fanfic reader and writer but I’m actually both a canon and a fanon ship fan. I accept and love J.K. Rowling’s ship choices when I read the books, but I also have a number of my favourite fanon ships that have been my guilty pleasure companions for many years. I’m afraid that I’m not ready to ‘come out’ yet, so to speak, and name all the names, but Harry/Draco is definitely one of them. In fact, I got pulled into the whole fanfiction thing through their pairing and that amazingly hilarious first fic that I read so many-many years ago. I read so many fics with the two of them it became a real problem at some point. Funnily enough, though I barely ever read or write fanfics these days, I took part in a fanfic fest last year and I was really proud of myself 😀
    Farida Mestek recently posted…A Writer’s Guide to Harry Potter by S.P. SipalMy Profile

  2. Hahahah I love that you gave a mention to Seamus and Dean because I did too^^ They really do work as a pair, be it a friendship or a shippy-ship!

    I never got into fanfic with HP…I was so massively obsessed with the series that I just kept reading the books over and over again. Instead of exploring other stories set in this world…which kind of makes more sense. Oh well, the heart wants what it wants I guess LOL! I can see the appeal of Harry + Draco especially in the films because the two actors play off each other really well! And I like that they’re friends in real life 😀 Hermione and Ginny is a cool one too, I could see getting into stories about them!

    I’m glad that you decided to share this despite your initial reluctance. If you can’t confess your love to us Harry Potter Month participants, WHO can you profess it to?! We’ve got your back, we all have our ships and there’s no shame in that 🙂
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Hybrid Hogwarts HousesMy Profile

  3. I love the reasoning you gave for each of these! I agree that the hatred to love trope is a fun one for me to read. Blaise was a complete mystery. I’m surprised he made the list, but now that I can see all the room there is to play with regarding his character, that makes a lot of sense. I haven’t been able to get into fan fiction that’s not just a continuation of the story. If I read something that changes the original’s details, it hurts my heart a bit. I guess I’m definitely canon all the way. Isn’t it great that we can share all our HP loves with each other!
    Jaclyn Canada recently posted…Review: Paper Princess (The Royals #1) by Erin WattMy Profile

  4. When I read fanfiction a lot, my favorite was always Draco/Ginny. I even wrote a one shot back in the day. It might even be up on Fiction Alley and Fanfiction.net still. (though I don’t remember my username.) I always loved that idea that Ginny wouldn’t shy away from anyone because of what other people might think. I really enjoyed the idea that Draco was just grossly misunderstood and that he was dealt a rotten hand. I honestly don’t think he’d choose to be a villain or a death eater if he were in a different position in life. Reading about your favorite ships make me want to go read some fanfiction right now!
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