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My favourite Harry Potter fanon ships: Marauders era

HP month badge2016As you may have heard, Micheline and I are hosting Harry Potter month throughout the month of July – a celebration of all things Harry Potter! If you’d like to join in, feel free! You can post about pretty much anything Harry Potter related, or take part in the House Cup at any time throughout the month, and we’d love to have you share your love for HP!

A few days ago I shared my favourite trio era HP fanon ships, so today I’m rounding out my favourite ships with my favourite Marauders pairings.  I don’t love any of the Marauders pairings in quite the same way as my trio ships – I’m a trio girl through and through! – but there are still a few I find myself coming back to over and over again!

Absolute Favourites


FictionAlley ship name: S.S. Wolf and Master

So, sticking with the same theme as most of my favourite trio era ships, probably my favourite marauder era pairing is another enemies turned partners style ship.  They both seem like intelligent, somewhat introverted people that could definitely enjoy an evening in front of the fire with a book each <3


FictionAlley ship name: S.S. WolfStar

This is a HUGELY popular fanon ship, and I have to admit it is one I’m pretty fond of!  The best friends turned lovers story-line is another one I like, though not one I love in the same way as the hate to love/love to hate trope, which is probably why I don’t love this pairing quite as much Severus/Remus.

Warm & fuzzy feelings


FictionAlley ship name: S.S. Always

Strangely, pretty much all the fanfiction I’ve read and loved of this couple have still been unrequited, rather than the two of them ever getting their happy ending (a fact I hadn’t realised until I started writing this!).  Still, it’s a pairing I can’t help but have warm feelings about <3


FictionAlley ship name: S.S. Twilight

Yet another Gryffindor/Slytherin pairing!  Lucius seems more likely to be a bit more extroverted than Severus, and I think that could complement Remus too – despite his seeming quietness, he was after all best friends with Remus and James, who are both pretty outgoing!

Marauder or trio era? Which marauder couples do you love the most?


2 thoughts on “My favourite Harry Potter fanon ships: Marauders era

  1. Like I mentioned previously, I never got into fanfic but I ship Sirius and Remus SO HARD. Their bromance makes me really happy but I would 100% be behind them hooking up. I just love their chemistry and how Sirius is more reckless and Lupin is more serious (sirius? LOL) I think it’s cool that in the books, they both suspected one another of being the spy for the Dark Side but forgave each other just as easily for admitting it. LOVE them both ♥
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Review: The Creature in the CaseMy Profile

  2. Huh, so I never really paired any of these ships together, though I do know that lots of people ship Sirius/Remus. (I’m not totally convinced, I don’t ship them.<– That bromance though.) I just didn't pay that much attention, shippingwise, to the marauders era.
    Alexandria Brennan recently posted…Dear J.K. RowlingMy Profile

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