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Top Ten Tuesday (#83): Books I’d buy right now if someone gave me a gift card

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted at The Broke and The Bookish where they post a list idea and everyone is welcome to post the list with their own answers. This week’s topic is “Ten Books You’d Buy Right This Second If Someone Handed You A Fully Loaded Gift Card”.  This is a really fun one, and it’s the kind of hypothetical planning I do all the time because who has the money to buy all the books they want all the time?!


I feel like this is basically compulsory reading for conservationists, and so I feel very lax in having not yet read it!  I definitely don’t agree with everything Monbiot says, but he’s probably one of the best known environmental journalists out there, and his articles definitely always make me think.  Rewilding is something I have HUGE opinions on, so I’d love to read this!

Attack on Titan

I’ve been enjoying the anime, and I’ve read a few of the Before the Fall manga, but none of the originals which seems like a huge oversight! I don’t tend to buy manga though because I get through it so quickly compared to a book of the same price.


I’ve heard SO many great things about this one, BUT I’m loathe to buy it in hardback because more often than I like to admit I’ve bought something in hardback and not read it until after the paperback was out!

False Hearts

This just sounds amazing, but again, I’ll probably wait for the paperback.  A gift card would let me indulge a bit earlier though!

What’s a girl gotta do?

I have heard so many amazing things about Holly Bourne, but I have yet to read anything of hers. I’ve been really curious about this one though so I’d love to give it a chance.

The Final Empire

I feel like I keep coming back to this one, but it’s seriously just been on my TBR for SO long!  AND it’s one I might talk the other half in to reading too, and that’s a plus.

The Rose Cord

I read Dreamwalker on holiday and really enjoyed it – but I’m not desperate enough to read book 2 to rush out and buy it when I’m on such a tight budget. If someone gave me a gift card however, I could afford to splurge!

The Liar’s Key

I really enjoyed Prince of Fools but I haven’t yet picked up a copy of The Liar’s Key.

Personal Demon

Yet another series I haven’t got the sequel to!

The Last Star

I really enjoyed The Fifth Wave but wasn’t quite as convinced by The Infinite Sea. I’d love to pick up The Last Star and see if it could redeem the series for me and bring back the awesomeness of the first book.

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