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Pokemon Indigo League ReadThemAllThon Sign up and TBR list



Aentee of Read At Midnight is hosting an absolutely awesome Pokemon inspired readathon, and there’s absolutely no way I could resist joining in!  The aim is to read 8 books in 3 weeks (between 14th August & 4th September), to get all the gym badges, and we also get to pick a Pokemon and level them up with our reading, which is super awesome!

My trainer card:

Pokemon trainer card
Pokemon trainer card inspired by Aentee’s, book pile image from Freepik, Squirtle image belongs to The Pokemon Company [Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures].
Squirtle is an absolute favourite of mine, and I knew I wanted a Pokemon with 3-stage evolution, so it was an easy choice!

My TBR list:


Pewter Gym: The Lost Hero

I finally got around to finishing Percy Jackson & The Olympians this year, but I’m hoping to work my way through (at least a good chunk of) Heroes of Olympus by the end of the year as well, so I’d better get started…

Page count: 551
Potential CP: 55

Cerulean Gym:
Queen of Shadows

Maas always has the ability to put me through an emotional rollercoaster, so I figure this has a good shot of potentially making me cry.  I’m re-reading ready for Empire of Storms and I can definitely remember a few heart-wrenching moments from my first read through!

Page count: 648
Potential CP: 64
Vermillion Gym: The Final Empire

The amount of great things I’ve heard about this series is just phenomenal, but I’ve yet to actually get started (though I read and loved The Reckoners series).  This readathon will be the time!

Page count: 647
Potential CP: 64
Celadon Gym:
As I Descended

Well, this just sounds awesome to be honest – a modern day lesbian retelling of Macbeth?! Enough said, I think!

Page count: 384
Potential CP: 38

Fuschia Gym: Shadow & Bone

So I struggled a bit with this one since a) I’m in a definite fantasy mood at the moment and b) how can you tell if there’s an epic romance until you’ve read it?! But, I’ve picked Shadow and Bone because a friend constantly talks about how she loves the series’ romance, and it’s been shelved on goodreads as romance 300 or so times, so I figure it must have a good romance in!

Page Count: 308
Potential CP: 30
Saffron Gym: Three Dark Crowns

This just sounds really cool and I have to admit I love the different cover options (currently torn between the snake and the fire, so indecisive!)

Page count: 416
Potential CP: 41
Cinnabar Gym:
What’s a Girl Gotta do?

I’ve never actually read any of Holly Bourne’s books, but I picked this one up on impulse the other day and I’m really excited to start it, since I’ve heard such amazing things!

Page count: 432
Potential CP: 43
Viridian Gym: Morning Star

My other half finally started reading Red Rising while on holiday this year and discussing it just made me miss the awesomeness, so I’ve been re-reading the series (and still absolutely adoring it).

Page count: 544
Potential CP: 54

This is a pretty ridiculously ambitious reading list for me, but I’m going to give it a shot!  I definitely don’t expect I’ll finish all 8 books, but I’m going to have fun reading as much as I can.

Potential CP if I read all of the books: 389
+ 8x gym badge completion: 160
= 549









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  1. Awww Squirtle ♥ I love the idea of this challenge – if I ever did them, I’d want to do this one^^

    I’m a big fan of the books you chose here too…Percy Jackson, Queen of Shadows (and the ToG series reread in general), The Final Empire (!!), Three Dark Crowns…and of course Red Rising that I STILL need to read XD Good luck with the readathon!! xx
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