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Looking Ahead: September 2016

What’s on in September?

I actually have quite a bit planned for September already: my hours have gone up at work, I have a wedding to go to, plus a few birthdays and events.  I’ve tried not to go too ambitious on my TBR list for that reason, and this month I’m also making dedicated plans for things like manga, anime and tv, which inevitably end up being a big part of my month anyway!


September’s TBR list

Three Dark Crowns | Review copy
The Wolf Wilder
| Borrowed
The Final Empire
| Owned
Empire of Storms | From my shelves

So it’s probably a safe guess that I’m on a bit of a fantasy kick right now… I re-read Queen of Shadows last month ready for Empire of Storms and I can’t wait to get lost again in Maas’ world (mostly I just want more Manon!).  The Final Empire I actually started last month and am about halfway through, so I’m hoping to get that finished in September.  Three Dark Crowns sounds kickass and awesome and I totally love the three different covers, (currently torn between the snake and the flames, probably leaning more towards the snake…any thoughts?!).  The Wolf Wilder is my only non-fantasy choice this month, just because the book is gorgeous in real life and I love how different it sounds.

September’s Listening Plans

I’ve just stuck to one audiobook for my TBR list in September because I still have nearly 16 hours left of this one, and I’m finding I don’t want to speed the narration up at all (normally I’m a 1.25x fan) so I think this will be plenty enough to keep me busy!  If I have any listening time left over, I’ll be working through Serial Season 2 which I’ve just started.

September’s Manga & Graphic Novel Plans

Cardcaptor Sakura Volumes #6-10
Yu-Gi-Oh Volume #1
Attack on Titan #1

I’ve got a review copy of Monstress I can’t wait to get stuck into, but I’m waiting until I’ve got a quiet evening to really concentrate on it, instead of rushing through on my lunch break, because it looks stunning!  In terms of manga, I’ve picked the manga for two anime series I loved as a kid (Cardcaptor Sakura, which I’m already hooked on, and Yu-gi-oh, which I have yet to start), as well as Attack on Titan, since I really enjoyed the anime.

September’s Watch List

On TV at the moment:
– Nashville
– The Great British Bake Off
– The Chronicles of Nadiya

Catching up with:
– Grey’s Anatomy
– Avatar
– The Originals
– Once Upon a Time

Considering starting:
– The Flash
– Arrow
– Marco Polo
– Pretty Little Liars

I haven’t given episode targets, because inevitably I’ll then find I’m more hooked on one show than another, but the shows currently on tv and the ones I’ve listed as catching up with are ones I’m hoping to focus on mostly throughout the month.  I don’t know how many (if any!) of the ones on my considering starting list I’ll get to, but I like the idea of having a list of possibles ready to go for any time I’m bored and not sure what to watch!

Goals for September

  • Lose 7lbs
  • Gym/cycle 8 times
  • 5 Reviews

What do you have planned for September?

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