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Fate of the Tearling (review copy)

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My Week

Okay wow, I have been a terrible blogger this week! I must have caught some kind of bug or flu laast weekend, because I spent about half this week in bed/being sick, so I’ve pretty much done no reading, no blogging, no anything-productive-of-any-kind!  Instead, I spent a lot of time asleep and started (and binge watched a lot of) Pretty Little Liars.  I’m feeling a lot better now, and just feel like I have a bad cold, so I’m feeling a bit more myself again!  This weekend was also the wedding I mentioned I had coming up, which was lovely, and I’m planning to probably just have a lazy reading day today.

Finished: Wolf Wilder (last week), Cardcaptor Sakura #5 (last week), Cardcaptor Sakura #6

Currently Reading: Empire of Storms

How was your week?

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