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1 week to NaNoWriMo: where I’m totally behind but still cautiously optimistic

So, just over a month ago I wrote a post announcing that I was taking part in NaNoWriMo 2016, with a list of things I was hoping to achieve before November 1st.  With a week to go, I’m definitely NOT where I had hoped I would be but I’m still cautiously (perhaps foolishly!) optimistic, and determined not to throw in the towel before I even start!

My list of things I’d hoped to achieve:

  • Get excited about taking part, brainstorm ideas etc
    • Well, I’ve sort of achieved this one, I’m excited about all the possibilities… but also terrified because right now my ideas are non-existent and what if come November 1st I just fizzle out?! At this point I’m definitely going to end up being a pantser rather than a planner if I don’t have a breakthrough in the next few days!
  • Blog Ahead for October
    • I currently have 2 posts scheduled for October so er, more work needed here!
  • Read Ahead, get ahead on GR challenge
    • Woo, one I’m actually on track for! I’m currently 6 books ahead on my reading challenge.
  • Get some NaNo cheerleaders
    • Done! I’ve let friends, family and work colleagues know I’ll be taking part!
  • Get an opening ready
    • Er, see above on the plot = 0
  • Outline/Novel binder
    • Well, I’ve sort of started… by which I mean I’ve started a Pinterest board but I don’t have an outline or anything more concrete than a few half-formed ideas
  • Get Scrivener up and running
    • Done! And what few notes I do have are in there.
  • NaNoWriMo calendar
    • Prepped but not yet in place
  • NaNoWriMo survival box
    • I’ve started gathering stuff but it’s not yet all there.



So, as you can tell, I’m pretty behind on where I wanted to be, so I’m joining in with Michelle for Task It Tuesday to try and get a little more on top of things.  Here are my (perhaps too ambitious!) goals for the rest of the week:

  • Tuesday
    • Finish planning sci-fi month posts
    • Draft & schedule October wrap-up
    • Schedule Graphic Novels TBR
  • Wednesday
    • Dinner out
    • Read Saga vol 2
    • Create NaNoWriMo calendar for Bullet Journal
  • Thursday
    • Possibly at the cinema
    • Draft & schedule November looking ahead
    • Schedule November TBR vote
    • Read Saga vol 3
  • Friday
    • Dinner with friends
    • Make a list of everything else needed for NaNoWriMo survival box
    • Order/buy remaining stuff
    • Rot & Ruin review
  • Saturday
    • Family day out!
  • Sunday
    • Schedule post on sci fi anime to watch
    • Set up planner for next week
  • Monday
    • Schedule Top Ten Sci-Fi books
    • Schedule post on Top Ten sci-fi books this year
  • All week:
    • NaNoWriMo brainstorming!!!
    • Finish Cardcaptor Sakura manga
    • Finish Sword Art Online Season 1 (only on Netflix unil 1st November!)

The days definitely aren’t set in stone, and I doubt I’ll get all of this done, but it can’t hurt to try right?!  If I COULD manage all of this I’d be in a much better starting place for both Sci fi month and NaNoWriMo so I’ll be doing my best.


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