NaNoWriMo Update: Week 1

 Day 1: +3563
Current WC: 3563

Day 2: +0000
Current WC: 5524

Day 3: +0000
Current WC: 5524

Day 4: +0169
Current WC: 5693

Day 5: +0000
Current WC: 5693

Day 6: +0300
Current WC: 5923

Day 7: +2232
Current WC: 8155

Average words per day: 1165
At this rate I would finish on: December 13th
Words needed per day to finish on time: 1819

So, as you can see, I’m a bit behind… I had hoped to have a good first couple of days and get ahead, since I’ll be away towards the end of the month and won’t be able to write.  While I did manage to get ahead over the first two days, I then didn’t really write for the next 4 which totally lost my buffer!  I’m trying to catch up, but I’ve definitely got to the point where I’m struggling without a plan – I’m totally pantsing it this year which I’m discovering might not be for me!  I’ve got a busy week this week between work, several gym plans and a few family ones, but then the whole point of NaNoWriMo is to find time to write around normal life so I’m just going to have to try and fit everything in!  I’d really like to try and get caught up by the end of week 2, but that means writing an average of 2168 words per day, and I still have no idea where my story is going next, so it could be a real challenge! We’ll see if I’m up to it I guess 😉

If you’re taking part too, how are you getting on?

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