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Sci-fi month: Sci-fi graphic novels

2016 has kind of been the year of the graphic novel (and manga) for me – before this year I think I had only read Nimona, but as of writing, I’ve read a 15 graphic novels/manga titles so far this year.  Sci-fi month seemed like a perfect chance to pull together a list of sci-fi graphic novels and manga to read, so today I’m sharing my graphic novels TBR.  You can bet I’ll be getting started on some of these, so come back later in the month both my thoughts on some of these, as well as my sci-fi manga TBR.

For the new-to-sci-fi:

Monstress isn’t really sci-fi, it’s actually fantasy, but there are a few elements in it that I think make it perfect for the sci-fi newbie.  There’s an experimenting-on-monsters thread, plus the steampunk elements give it a kind of sci-fi light feel to me!  This is one I’ve actually read since drafting this post originally, and I have to say the artwork is even more gorgeous in real life. Kick-ass heroine + gorgeous artwork + intriguing storyline… Definitely worth picking up!


Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is of course, a sci-fi classic, but now it’s available in comic form too. Since I’ve never read the original I figured it might be worth a try. In Descender, a child robot is the only survivor of a catastrophe, and in Alex + Ada, Alex is gifted a realistic android.


If you know me well, you might know I have a bit of a weakness for post-apocalyptic and dystopian stories.  All three of these sound utterly awesome to me – Ody-C: Gender-bent Odyssey set in space, East of West: a sci-fi western with the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse and Low: post-apocalyptic underwater city. Seriously, these all sound amazing, and of all the sections on my list, these probably appeal the most!


No superheroes TBR could be complete without a mention of DC and Marvel, but as someone new to both, it can be really intimidating and complicated to figure out where to start!  For both, I’ve decided not to try and go all the way back to the beginning, but to jump in at a more recent point.  Comic Book Herald is an amazing resource if you want to get into either, and I’ll be using their DC New 52 Reading Order and the Marvel Now reading order.


I know almost nothing about these three, but they all came well recommended, particularly V for Vendetta, which I have to admit I’ve not read or seen the film, so I’ll be going in totally blind!

Which sci-fi graphic novels are on your TBR? Or which have you already read and loved?



6 thoughts on “Sci-fi month: Sci-fi graphic novels

  1. I started getting into graphic novels this year as well! I haven’t read as many as you though! 😀 I’ve had my eye on Alex + Ada for a bit now, and Descender looks really cool! I had heard of Ody-C and East of West before your post, but now Low! They all sound very cool. I’m not a huge post-apocalytptic fan just because I have a hard time visualization and grasping everything. That won’t be a problem is I can see what is happening! Great list! Adding several of these to my goodreads TBR. 😀

  2. As a HUGE superhero lover, I’ve found myself intimidated by superhero comics for a long time now. I appreciate the Comic Book Herald recommendation and I’ve already bookmarked their site. I wish you good luck with all your sci-fi month reading but especially with Batman – my favorite ♥
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