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The 2017 Blogger Balance Challenge

How often have you seen (or thought!) something along the lines of:

I love blogging but it takes up so much time

I haven’t got enough time to read and blog and keep up with all the tv shows I want to.

Well I binge-read loads of books this month but I haven’t managed to blog much or get to the gym once…

I’m totally hooked on [tv show of choice] and haven’t read in ages…

I feel like a lot of us bloggers aren’t very good at getting the balance of things right – maybe it’s a byproduct of the fact we’re just so damn enthusiastic about stuff?!  What I do know though is that I don’t want to waste time feeling guilty for spending time on things I enjoy doing, or feeling like I’m devoting too much time to one area of life and not enough to another.  Hence, this challenge was born.

The principles of the challenge are simple:

1. Pick at least 3 hobbies/areas, and then earn points doing things you love:

– 5 points for each 100 pages you read
– 1 point for a half hour TV show (2 points for an hour long tv show)
– 2 points per hour of any other hobby you want to focus more on
– Sensible scoring for hobbies you want to focus on but don’t want to use time to judge, e.g. 5 points for a date, 3 points for revising a chapter, 1 point for each Duolinguo daily goal achievement

Sounds easy enough so far, but here’s the catch: you have to determine your balance in advance, and you only earn points if you meet your targeted balance.

2. Set a minimum number of points you want to achieve in each area per month (and it can’t be zero!) – if you don’t hit the minimum in EVERY area by the end of the month, you don’t earn any points!

For example…

Let’s say I want to focus on blogging, reading, TV and going to the gym.

My weekly goal might be: 500 pages, 2.5 hours of blogging, 3 hours of TV & 2 hours at the gym.
My monthly goal would therefore be: 2000 pages (100 points for reading), 10 hours of blogging (20 points for blogging), 12 hours of TV (24 points for TV) and 8 hours at the gym (16 points for the gym).  That means I need to earn 200 points for reading, 100 points for blogging, 120 points for TV and 80 points for the gym.

Let’s say my January looks like this:
I binge read a great series and get halfway through another: 2500 pages = 125 points
I watch a few different shows and get my targeted 12 hours = 24 points.
I write all my year end recap posts and a whole bunch of 2017 intro ones: 10 hours of blogging = 20 points
I feel super motivated, and make it to the gym 5 times a week every week (30 minute sessions x 5 times a week x 4 weeks): a total of 10 hours = 20 points

Total: I met or exceeded my minimum targets in all four areas, so I get to keep all of my points! Points earned: 114

But in February…
I completely fall off the gym going wagon and only make it three times.  Even though I discovered a new TV show and watched 20 hours of TV, blogged all about it for 10 hours and read 2000+ pages, none of those points count, because I didn’t hit my minimum goal of 8 hours at the gym!

3. Check in at the end of each month

At the beginning of each month there’ll be a link up here for your recap, and you’ll earn 5 bonus points for participating.  You also earn 5 bonus points for commenting on at least 5 participants’ recaps.

HELP! I have an exam/holiday/special occasion in [Insert month here]

Sometimes, life gets in the way, or you just re-prioritise, so you can change your goals three times throughout the challenge (only at the beginning of a new month) for free.  If you want to change your goals more than this there is a penalty of 10 points each time (and you can still only change them at the beginning of a new month).


My monthly goals for the Blogger Balance Challenge

Reading: 75 points (1500 pages)
Blogging: 16 points (8 hours = I’m aiming for 2-3 posts per week, may have to adjust the hours later on)
Gym: 12 points (6 hours)
TV: 20 points (10 hours)
Decluttering/tidying: 1 point (30 minutes)
Gaming: 8 points (4 hours)



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  1. Hmmm this is very interesting Faith^^ And I think you’re right: bloggers tend to be overly enthusiastic about things (fangirls and fanboys) so finding a balance is a challenge. I’d need to think on what areas I’d want to gain points on other than reading, blogging and tv but I’ll get back to you here when I do 🙂
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