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Bookish Resolutions Challenge 2017

The Bookish Resolutions challenge is hosted by Laura @ trips down imagination road and Michelle of Because Reading.

To be honest, I was a bit of a failure at this one last year, but I’m determined to stick with it this time!

Reading Goals (6)

  1. Finish/catch up with 10 series
    • In 2017 I read books from 39 different series – 25 of which I started this year. In 2017 I really want to concentrate on series and sequels, so I’m aiming to finish/catch up with 10 series by the end of the year.
  2. Read at least 12 manga volumes or graphic novels
    • 2017 was pretty much my first year of really getting into manga and graphic novels and I’d like to keep it up in 2017!  Sometimes I’m just too tired after work to concentrate on a traditional novel but I don’t want to look at a screen either, and graphic novels/manga are great for those times!
  3. Get My NetGalley ratio up to (and then keep it above) 75%
    • I managed to get my ratio to 72% this year, but it’s come to a definite stand-still at that point, and I really want to work on it!
  4. Read 100 books
    • This might be too ambitious, but I’m going to give it a go.
  5. Read 10 books I had on my shelves pre-2017
    • This is a pretty simple one, I just want to knock off a few books that I’ve already got on my TBR list, whether those are review copies, audiobooks, books I’ve bought, whatever.
  6. Read at least 10 sci-fi books
    • In previous years sci-fi/dystopia has competed with fantasy for my most read genre, but for some reason this year I’ve read loads of fantasy and not much sci-fi, so I’d like to even things back up a bit.

Blogging Goals (5)

  1. Post a recap every month
    • I find I’m more motivated when I do a month recap/a looking ahead at next month, both on my goals and on reading and blogging, so I’d like to try and keep on top of these!
  2. Post at least 10 times each month
  3. Take part in at least 3 events (bloggiesta, Blog Ahead, readathons etc)
  4. Review at least half the books I read
    • This was a goal I started but failed at in 2016, so I’m giving it another go!
  5. By the end of each month have 3 posts scheduled for the following month

Personal Goals (4)

  1. Lose 24lbs +
    • Another failed one for last year but I’ve got my family on board this year so that should help.  I’m also thinking of starting up a blog feature related to this/recipes/exercise to help keep me motivated!
  2. Go to the gym/swim/exercise class a total of 104 times in 2017
    • I think I might have actually done okay with this last year but my tracking was terrible. Need to track this in my bullet journal so I know where I’m at!
  3. Train for and complete a 10k
    • If I can’t run the whole thing that’s fine, but I want to at least finish it! I’m starting literally from zero running ability so plenty of work to do, but I’m planning to just start with C25K and go from there.
  4. Catch up on/finish at least 3 TV series
    • This one ties back in to my Blogger Balance challenge and taking time to enjoy other hobbies I love without feeling guilty about not blogging/reading in every spare moment!

2 thoughts on “Bookish Resolutions Challenge 2017

  1. Those are all solid goals and I like how you split them up into reading, blogging and life. Hopefully there will also be time for another Harry Potter month in July but of course no pressure and we have lots of time before then. Sorry for the late comment too, I’m in the middle of an EPIC comment catch up bonanza LOL! I hope you have a fantastic Christmas Faith and hopefully it was a bit bookish and geeky too. All the best to you in 2017 ♥
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…2016 End of the Year SurveyMy Profile

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