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Wanderlust, Wishlists & Whimsy (#1)

Wanderlust, Wishlists & Whimsy is a new feature born out of a habit for daydreaming!  On the last Friday of every month, I’ll be using chance and daydreams to come up with a fantasy holiday, wishlist and to discuss a whimsical fandom-inspired fantasy.  To ensure that every month doesn’t turn into a blowout of lottery-winning proportions, dice rolls determine how long a holiday I can dream of, and what budget I can blow on my imaginary spending spree – then it’s just time to daydream away 😉

If you’d like to join in, please feel free, just please link back 🙂


Roll 2 dice

1-3: You have 1 day!
4-6: You have a long weekend
7-9: You have 1 week
10-12: You have 2 weeks
13-14: You have a whole month!

I rolled a 6 and 4, so I’ve got 2 weeks to play with this month 😉

January can be a bit of a trying month, when everyone is skint after ChristmaS and the weather is cold and dark and dreary, so what I fancy most right now is a relaxing holiday where I could recharge a bit!  Two weeks is a bit too long to sit on a beach for me though (even though I’d take some awesome reading material of course), so I need a destination with plenty to do when I get restless.  Possibly slightly inspired by my current obsession with the Moana soundtrack, this month’s WWW destination is… Hawaii! While it’s tempting to go to all of the islands, two weeks doesn’t seem like quite so long once you add island hopping, so I’ve narrowed it down to spending time at Big Island and Oahu.

My dream holiday this month includes:

Big Island
– Scuba dive with manta rays (absolute dream. I can definitely see myself doing this multiple times.)
– See the sunset from Mauna Kea Summit
– Explore Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
– Go whale watching
– Do a horseriding tour

– Visit the Pearl Harbour memorial
Kayak to Mokulua islands & snorkel around the islands- Swim at Waimea Falls
– Spend a few days scuba diving (the Mahi & Corsair wrecks look especially interesting!)
– Spend a day trying to learn to surf (and then inevitably decide I prefer being IN the water and spend the following day snorkelling instead!)



Roll 1 die

x your roll by 100 = your spending spree budget!

I rolled a 1 this month, so I’ve got £100 to play with.

Black Milk Marauders map leggings
Hot topic Slytherin varsity jacket










First up, I’d buy the Marauders map leggings from Black Milk (~£52).  I don’t really wear leggings much, but I do wear sporty ones for my new Couch to 10K training.  I’ve seen plenty of reviews from people who Black Milk leggings are good enough to wear to the gym, and honestly my favourite part of exercise is my geeky gym shirts, so I’d really love a pair of fandom leggings to wear too!  £52 plus postage combined with a worry about fit means I haven’t bought anything from Black Milk yet, but I really want these…

The Slytherin varsity jacket from Hot Topic (~£43). There seriously aren’t words for how much I love this jacket!

A month’s access to Marvel Unlimited (~£8). Okay so this takes me a tiny bit over budget but I think £3 is an acceptable amount to be over 😉 I’ve been wanting to get started with Marvel comics, but there are SO many to choose from I’m not really sure where to start. I’d love a month to just explore Marvel Unlimited and give lots of different things a go!


If you could have one pet (a general type or a specific character) from any fandom, what (or who!) would you have?

I could pretend this one was tricky, but to be honest, there’s only one real option from where I’m sitting: it has to be a dragon! Obviously, I’d rather have a dragon that didn’t seem like he occasionally wanted to eat me, so I think a sentient dragon I could communicate with seems like the best option.  I’m thinking a dragon like Saphira from Eragon, or the dragons in Robin Hobb’s Rain Wild chronicles, rather than say a Game of Thrones dragon or a Hungarian Horntail.  I suppose for both of those options, it’s less like choosing a pet and more like choosing a partner in crime but we’ll go with it, because having a dragon AND a magical pet just seems a bit too greedy. I would, of course, like my dragon to be my favourite colour though – a nice, deep, Slytherin green!

What about you? Where would your wanderlust take you, what’s begging to be bought off your wishlist, and which magical pet would you dream of?

1 thought on “Wanderlust, Wishlists & Whimsy (#1)

  1. This is a GREAT feature idea! Hawaii is the top tropical destination I’d want to visit and all your destination plans sound wonderful! You know I wholeheartedly support more Harry Potter merch 🙂 and this Gryffindor think you’d ROCK the Slytherin Varsity Jacket 😉

    And DEFINITELY a dragon ♥ I’d want a black one or dark blue one because I’m always drawn to black animals. Hence my black cat Nox ♥
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Fandom Mashup #89My Profile

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