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Netflix & Books Challenge: January Check-In

A yearly challenge focused on watching television shows we’ve been wanting to get to (both new and old), and reading books we’ve been wanting to read that match some fun challenge prompts. If you choose to, you’ll have the chance to earn points throughout the year.

I haven’t made as much progress as I might have liked on this one, but I’ve made a reasonable start.  Next month I’m hoping to read A Game of Thrones, as well as finish watching Avatar season 1, but no real plans other than that!

Books & TV pairs

One of Us is Lying (368 pages) = 30 points
Pretty Little Liars season 5 = 20 points
Pretty Little Liars season 6 = 20 points

Book & Show have the same trope: The lives of four characters are thrown into chaos after a murder each of them might have had motive to commit, and the four work together to try and figure out what happened. = 25 bonus points

Other TV watched

Nashville Season 4 = 20 points


Earned this month: 115 points
Earned so far this year: 115 points

I think I might have to adjust my goal for the year, which was originally 100 points 😉 I’ll be aiming for 1000 points by the end of the year instead!

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