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Looking Ahead: March 2017

What’s on in March?

March is a bit of a busy month for us, with several birthdays coming up.  My C25K running has also begun to pick up a bit in intensity, and I feel like that’s beginning to take up more time than it has done so far.  Other than that, I don’t have anything specific planned for March really, just try to read lots of books, and get more blogging done than last month 😉

Last month’s TBR list

Game of Thrones Illustrated Edition (984) | Finished
Mark of Athena (586) | Finished
Who Let the Gods out? (368) | Finished
Year of Yes (336) | Finished
Orphan X (356) | Finished
TBR winner (~350) | Not picked!

Infinity Volume 1 | Finished
Infinity Volume 2 | Finished
A Taste of You | Finished

Target pages: 2930
Actual pages read: 3404

March’s TBR list

Turn Coat (420) | Owned (audiobook)
Changes (438) | Owned (audioook)
Feedback (512) | Borrowed
Fool’s Assassin (688) | Owned
Dawn Study (478) | Review copy
The Colour Purple (295) | Not got yet

Target pages = 2831

This is a bit of an ambitious TBR list, but there’s just so much I want to read right now!  Turn Coat and Changes are both audiobooks, Feedback is a library book, and The Colour Purple is a book club choice.  I’m also hoping to re-read the first two Fitz and the Fool books before Assassin’s Fate comes out in May.  Nothing else on the TBR list at the minute, because I’m not confident I’ll get through all of these, but if I do get any extra time I’ll probably pick up some manga to mix things up a bit.

March’s Gaming plans

Last month I was hoping to branch out gaming wise and play something other than Planet Coaster,  which was sort of successful… I did play something else (Rise of the Tomb Raider) but I only played an hour so…  This month, I’m hoping to continue with Rise of The Tomb Raider, and maybe also give Gone Home a go.

Last month’s Goals

  • Lose 5lbs: fail. I stayed the same so I guess that’s not too bad.
  • 15 blog posts: fail. 9 posts.
  • Reach week 5 of C210K: success!

March Goals

  • Lose 5lbs
  • 15 blog posts
  • Reach week 9 of C210K

What do you have planned for March?

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