24 hour readathon

So as usual, I ummed and ahhed about whether to sign up for the 24 hour readathon – I find that inevitably with the 24 or 48 hour readathons I’m either working most of it, or I’ve jam packed my days off with plans. This time around I’ve got work, a haircut, and family plans, so I definitely won’t be reading for 24 hours, but I’m going to use the readathon to push myself to read as much as I can!


I’ll definitely be mood-reading, but these are probably top contenders at the moment:

My Goals:

I’ve been trying to average 100 pages a day so far this year, but I want to push myself despite the busy day, so I’m setting my goal for the readathon at 400 pages.


1pm-2pm: 30 minutes audioboook listening
4pm-5pm: 25 minutes audiobook listening
10pm-12am: 120 pages of Of Fire and Stars
8am-9am: 25 pages of Of Fire and Stars
9am-10am: 40 minutes audiobook listening
12pm-1pm: 50 pages of Of Fire and Stars

Final results:

195 pages of Of Fire and Stars
95 minutes of listening to Cold Days =44 pages

So I didn’t hit my 400 pages goal – in fact I barely passed my usual 100 pages a day target, managing a total of 239 pages. Mostly what this readathon drilled home is how much slower audiobooks are compared to physical books, but still, 239 pages isn’t bad for 24 hours.

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