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April Wrap-Up


April has been manic, which is why I took the month off from blogging. Between work, a holiday, running training and a bunch of social events, I feel like I haven’t really stopped! I only managed to finish 6 books this month, but three were pretty large Robin Hobb books, so I managed a lot more pages than last month.

Fool’s Assassin | Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2. Prelude | Fool’s Quest | Ghost Story | Assassin’s Fate | Release Me

Books read: 6 (1 more than March)
Pages read: 3367 (1195 more than March)
Average pages per day: 112 (42 more than March)
Average book length: 561 pages (127 pages more than March)
Favourite: Assassin’s Fate

Watching & Gaming

This month I watched Sing, which I enjoyed more than I expected – I was worried all the funny bits had been shown in the adverts, but I thought it was pretty good.  I finally got a chance to see Passengers, which I thought was pretty good too – the ending was a bit iffy, but overall I really enjoyed the tension, the acting and the premise.  I also saw Beauty and the Beast, which I really liked, and Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2, which I loved so much I’ve seen it twice in the 4 days since it came out!

I did however, totally fail to do any gaming – oops?!

Book Haul

– Didn’t track at all this month!

Bought: 0 (1 less than January)
Review copies: 2 (1 more than January)
Borrowed/Freebies: 6 (3 more than January)


No posts found.

Other posts:

NetGalley % change: -1% (74%)

Challenge Updates

 ** [Bookish Resolutions & Netflix & Books Challenge updates to follow in a separate post] **

Books purchased this year to date: 1
Books purchased and read this year:
Target ratio:

10 books
Books read this month: 1
Books read so far: 2


Goal: 12 books
Books read this month: 1
Books read so far: 3


How was your April?

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