101 in 1001

101 in 1001: 984 days remaining

Way back when I started blogging (before this blog even moved to self-hosted and had a name change in fact!), there used to be a page at the top called ‘101 in 1001’, which linked to my Day Zero project list.

My list got sadly forgotten about, but I still absolutely love the idea, so I’ve made myself a new one, and I’m determined this time to stick to it!  Since I’ve been talking about wanting to blog about life as well as just books, making the 101 in 1001 part of my blogging routine just seems to make sense to me, so expect mid-monthly updates on goals I’ve made progress towards or achieved.

If you want to see my full list, it’s viewable here on the blog, or at the Day Zero Project website.  With 984 days to go (17 days down!) here are the goals I’ve made some progress on so far:

3. Blog about each accomplished goal, the goals I’m currently working on and the goals I get stuck with

Well, I mean, this post surely counts as a start!

9. Get to a healthy BMI

I’ve worked out I need to lose 36lbs or more to achieve this – that sounds like a pretty big number from where I’m sitting, but at least I know where I’m starting from now.  So far, I’ve … er… made no progress. But I’m trying, so I’m marking this one as ‘in progress’!.

37. Watch 101 movies [1/101]

I’ve watched one movie so far (Now You see Me 2). 100 more to go 😀

48. Finish a novel

I like the idea of writing, but apart from fanfiction I’ve never really given it much of a go – too much fear of failure maybe?! Last NaNoWriMo I started but didn’t manage to win, and my project has sat in a file pretty much untouched ever since.  Writing advice from everyone from Neil Gaiman to George R.R. Martin to J.K. Rowling basically says, “just finish something!”, so I’m giving it another go.  Between the words I started with from last NaNoWriMo and the words I’ve added this month, my word count currently stands at 25,511. I’m feeling totally lost with it though, so hoping for something of a breakthrough between now and next month!

63. Get rid of 100 things [1/100]

I’ve only managed to get rid of one thing so far (a pair of trainers) but again, it’s a start.

66. Try bullet-journalling for 3 months [1/12 weeks]

This is actually likely to be one of the trickier ones on my list, because for it to count, it needs to be 3 months of consistent use, and I tend to use it for a week or two and then get fed up! I’ve drawn up a spread for 15th-21st May, so that’s 1 week…. Can I stick to it for another 11? (And maybe reach planner nirvana in that time?) Who knows.

72. Pay off computer [300/1000]

£300/£1000 paid so far.

73. Pay off overdraft [150/2000]

£150/£2000 paid so far.

77. Reach my goal weight

I’m marking this in progress with the same logic as number nine. Although I have no progress to show yet, I’m trying, and I’m hopeful that by next month the numbers will show it (fingers crossed).

90. Read 200 books [10/200]

Aha, one I’ve actually made undeniable progress on.  So far this month I’ve finished Of Fire and Stars (1), A Court of Wings and Ruin (2), Release (3), Wing Jones (4), Cold Days (5), Saga volume 4 (6), Under Rose-tainted skies (7), Nemesis (8), Saga volume 5 (9) and No Plot? No Problem! (10).

91. Finish a book in a day [1/1] – COMPLETE!

This ended up being completed much more quickly than I anticipated, when I just couldn’t put Release (Patrick Ness) down!

94. Read 25 non-fiction books [1/25]

I picked up Chris Baty’s No Plot? No Problem! And absolutely burned through it, so that’s one non-fiction title down.

96. Finish/Catch up on 24 book series

This could become complicated when new books are released. For example, I just finished A Court of Wings and Ruin which brings me up to date, but I won’t STILL be up to date at the end of the 1001 days as more books will have come out by then. So I’m tracking the series I make progress on as the 1001 days go on, and I need to be up to date or still finished at the end of the project.  That means I can’t really mark a series as counting towards this goal unless I’ve finished it all together, so there might be some frantic adding up depending on new releases at the end of the project!

Current project stats

Days elapsed: 17 (1.7%)
Days remaining: 984 (98.3%)
Goals completed: 1 (1%)
Goals in progress: 11 (10.9%)
Goals not yet started: 89 (88.1%)

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