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May Wrap-Up


So er, remember how I took last month off blogging since I was going to be super busy, and figured I’d then use any free time to get loads of reading done? Well somehow I read more this month than I did last… I did have a week off work, and I pretty much just got to spend that whole week at home doing whatever I wanted, so that inevitably will have helped.  I also picked shorter books this month, which somehow always seems to lead to reading more pages overall (yeah, I don’t really understand how or why that works either, but looking at my past goodreads challenges, shorter books always seem to lead to higher total page count). Admittedly I also didn’t blog huge amounts, so it’s not too surprising I read a bit more than usual I guess.

Of Fire and Stars | A Court of Wings and Ruin | Release | Wing Jones | Cold Days | Saga volume 4 | Under rose tainted skies | Nemesis | Saga volume 5 | No Plot? No Problem | Flame in the Mist | Am I normal Yet?

Books read: 12 (6 more than April)
Pages read: 4303 (936 more than April)
Average pages per day: 139 (27 more than April)
Average book length: 358 (203 less than April)
Favourites: Of Fire and Stars, Release and Am I normal yet?

Watching & Gaming

This has been a fairly light TV month – we’ve caught up on Nashville, and are slowly beginning to catch up with Agents of SHIELD, but that’s about it really.  Movies-wise we watched Now You See Me 2, which I thought was okay, but I think that might be it?!

In terms of gaming, I played a bit of Sims 3 for the first time in ages, and we’ve also played some Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch.

Book Haul

– Didn’t track at all again this month.  Pretty much haven’t tracked since I was doing weekly recaps, so might be time to consider either bringing those back or ditching this section…



Other posts:

NetGalley % change: +2% (76%)

Challenge Updates

 ** [Bookish Resolutions & Netflix & Books Challenge updates to follow in a separate post] **

Books purchased this year to date: 2
Books purchased and read this year:
Target ratio:

10 books
Books read this month: 1
Books read so far: 3


Goal: 12 books
Books read this month: 2
Books read so far: 5


How was your May?

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