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Looking Ahead: June 2017

What’s on in June?

Please tell me I’m not the only person wondering how the hell it can be June already?! This month I have my birthday, a couple of days off work, and a few work evening events that might eat into my reading/blogging time a little bit.  No real plans as yet, but this month I’m hoping to make a little progress on my recently-revived WIP from NaNoWriMo 2016 as well as of course read some books and write some blog posts 😉

Last month’s TBR list

Release | Finished
Ready Player One| Barely started!
Cold days | Finished
Of Fire and Stars | Finished
A Court of Wings and Ruin | Finished

Read and unplanned

Wing Jones
Saga vol. 4
Under rose tainted skies
Saga vol. 5
No Plot? No Problem
Flame in the Mist
Am I Normal yet?

Target pages: 2500
Actual pages read: 4303

June’s TBR list

How Hard Can Love Be? (480) | Library
Heroes of Olympus
(597) | Owned (audiobook)
Who Runs the World? (336) | Review copy
Ink (326) | Owned (re-read)
Rain (300) | Owned
Storm (304) | Owned

Target pages = 2500

Well, last month might just be my least sucessful monthly TBR ever. Again, I’ve set my TBR list slightly short of my page goal (2261 pages) so I have some space for mood reading, but I’m feeling pretty good about my choices – I’m really fancying all of them at the moment!

Last month’s Goals

  • Lose 4lbs – lost 2lbs. = PARTIAL SUCCESS
  • Complete a 10K – alternated jogging and walking to do it in 1:22 = SUCCESS!
  • 12+ blog posts – 12 exactly = SUCCESS

June Goals

  • Lose 4lbs
  • 12+ blog posts
  • Write 5000 words on WIP
  • Get back into fanfiction (reading or writing) – used to love it to de-stress!
  • Keep trying with bullet-journalling!

What do you have planned for June?

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